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Mystery of the appearance of water on Earth

Раскрыта тайна появления воды на ЗемлеScientists found out when water appeared on Earth.

The analysis of isotopes showed that water appeared on Earth much later than is commonly believed.

The exact origin of water on Earth is not yet known. According to one theory, it brought ice-covered meteorites at the stage of formation of the planet. Scientists from the Westphalia University named for Wilhelm compared the isotopes of ruthenium in the meteorite from lake Tagish in British Columbia and in the Earth’s mantle.

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In their assumptions, since the meteorites fell to Earth while it was forming, that might leave marks. If they brought water to Earth in this period, the levels of isotopes in the mantle and in meteorite would coincide, however, no similarity was found. According to the study authors, this suggests that if water were brought to Earth by meteorites, after the formation of the mantle.

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However, it is possible that the water was originally part of the cosmic dust clouds, from which emerged the Earth.

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