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Mystery of the ancient pyramids of Egypt

Раскрыта тайна древних пирамид ЕгиптаAs in Egypt the pyramids were built

Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient papyrus scroll in the complex of the pyramids of Giza, the remains of boats and waterways, which contains detailed information about the construction of the famous pyramid of Cheops.

In the papyrus (“the oldest ever found”), which 4 years was wanted by the archaeologist Pierre tail, describes the progress of the construction of the famous pyramid of Cheops, and it was probably written by a man by the name of Merer, who was responsible for the work of “40 elite sailors.” The document describes in detail the process of transportation of building blocks, digging of canals constructing huge dams and many other details.

According to news reports, thousands of skilled workers used boats to move the blocks on the canals that were dug along the Nile river. The boats were held together by thick twisted ropes — some of them have survived to our days were found in good condition.

Limestone blocks were brought on a boat to the base of the pyramid, which for two decades delivered some 2.3 million units. As previously determined, the granite for the interior of the pyramids was quarried at Aswan over 860 kilometers South of Giza, and limestone in Round 12 kilometers away, on the other Bank of the Nile.

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