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Mystery of mass murder of the Neolithic era

Раскрыта тайна массового убийства неолитической эпохиThe analysis of mitochondrial DNA revealed the presence of six different maternal lines.

Mass grave of the late Neolithic in southern Poland contains the remains of 15 men, women and children killed by a blow to the head and carefully buried. About the tragedy that occurred at the site 3,000 years ago, according to the publishing house Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In 2011, as a result of archaeological excavations near the village of Kosice, a grave was discovered in 2880 – 2776 years associated with the globular amphora culture. Culture existed in the period from 3200 to 2800 BC and occupied the territory of southern and Central Europe. The border had to share with the carriers of the corded ware culture or battle axe culture. Little is known about the interactions of these two groups, however, some researchers suggest that the spread of the culture of the past across Europe competition for resources can escalate into violence. Fraternal grave in košice can be evidence of one such incident.

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A more thorough study of the skeletons showed that all 15 of those buried were killed by blows to the head. The sequence of DNA extracted from bones and teeth showed that among them were eight men and seven women – all belonged to one family. The members of the family were brown-eyed, dark-haired and dark-skinned. The analysis of mitochondrial DNA revealed the presence of six different parent lines, which suggests that women come to the race from the outside. At that time, as the analysis nerekomenduoja region of Y chromosome showed that all men were carriers of identical Y-chromosomes, passed on from generation to generation.

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Close relatives were buried next to each other: mothers with children, brothers with sisters. Obviously, these people were buried by those who knew the family. Older men are hardly represented in the grave, suggesting that they buried their relatives. The only father present in the grave, is a man, placed next to his wife and son. In addition, there is a little boy at the age of 2-2,5 years, whose parents are not in the burial.

Along with the violence and aggression is illustrated by the discovery near košice, the study also demonstrates high family values. A careful positioning of the bodies in the grave, it becomes clear that both the nuclear and extended family relations occupied an important place in the lives of these people.

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