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Mystery mysterious signals from space

Раскрыта тайна загадочных сигналов из космосаThis signal could give an invisible zipper.

A team of astronomers for many years could not find the source of the radio signals that are sent by a mysterious cosmic body, until he decided to warm up lunch.

In one of the observatories experts have more than 10 years trying to unravel the mystery of the mysterious signals from outer space. They appeared only once 15 years for the entire observation period, but they were struck by its power and lasted a hundredth of a second. The mysterious origin of radio-wave radiation was so exciting that scientists have compared them to the mythical flying reindeer, which cast the shadow of a man who was seen last.

Given the number of assumptions and a complete lack of concrete answers for the study was purchased even additional devices that could detect signals at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

The riddle was resolved very unexpectedly. Scientists decided to eat and went to a nearby kitchen where a microwave oven to cook food. In this kitchen scientists have solved the mystery. The new equipment has detected that the radio emission was coming from there, and sent his “microwave-UFO”.

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