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Mysterious places, which are not easy to get. Photo

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. ФотоTwenty-five unique places.

With all the modern technological development it is difficult to imagine a place on Earth where it would be impossible to arrive to arrive or to come. However, on our planet there are places where tourists do not get, and this can be very different reasons. Secret military base, “closed” Islands fragile natural objects, and even the sights associated with supernatural activity, is only part of the infiltration which you will face fines, criminal penalties or death. Find out as much as 25 unique and forbidden places right now.

25. Secret archives of the Vatican

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

In these stores there are important state documents, letters, accounts, and many other securities that the Catholic Church has collected and stored over many millennia. Secret archives of the Vatican are considered to be one of the most inaccessible sites in the world, although it was not always so. In 1881 Pope Leo XIII still allowed several researchers to find documents in the vault for research purposes. In those days only a highly trained scientist could claim a visit to this Catholic institutions. Even the most selected visitors were required to adhere to strict rules governing exactly what the visitors could study in the archives of the Vatican.

24. North Sentinelese island, India

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

North Sentinelese island (North Sentinel Island) belongs to the group of the Andaman Islands (Andaman Islands), and is part of India. The island is known for its scenic pristine beaches and wonderful nature. However, the local tribes are very hostile and extremely aggressive towards any other visitors to this little Paradise on Earth. They not only refuse to go on contact with strangers, but even killed some uninvited guests. Not surprisingly, access for tourists to the North Sentinelese island is closed. For their own safety.

23. The Cave Of Lascaux, France

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

The cave of Lascaux (Lascaux) is in the South-East of France and keeps a 900 specimens of prehistoric art, incredibly well preserved due to the unique conditions of air mass circulation in the underground system. Today the object is considered one of the most important Paleolithic monuments of history and is called the “Sistine chapel of prehistoric art”. Since 1963, public access to these caves is prohibited, because of the tourists got trapped in the mold, damaging the unique ecosystem of Lascaux. In addition, the excess carbon dioxide exhaled by the crowds of visitors, also began to be detrimental to the integrity of the rock paintings in the cave there were colonies of algae, calcium deposits and mold. Any human intervention is considered to be potentially detrimental to the cave and its contents, so now she is literally under lock and key, and every 2 weeks here arrives a special team in protective suits and manually cleans the walls of the annoying fungus.

22. Area 51, Nevada, USA

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Hidden in the midst of the barren Nevada desert, Area 51 is secret US military base, the purpose of which was never known to the General public. Guesses about what is happening in its territory, has long disturbed the minds of the inquisitive American citizens and supporters of the theories about government conspiracy and the presence on Earth of aliens. However, the base most likely used for development and testing of experimental aircraft and high-tech weapons systems. Just to say only one thing – the access to the territory of Area 51 is restricted and what is happening beyond its fences are not intended for the eyes of ordinary citizens.

21. Of Surtsey, Iceland

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

This small volcanic island is part of Vestmannaeyjar archipelago (Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago) and located near the South coast of Iceland. Of Surtsey (Surtsey) is one of the youngest Islands on the planet, because it appeared recently – at the time of volcanic activity that lasted from 1963 to 1967. Access to the island is strictly forbidden, except for a small select group of scientists. The restriction is imposed to ensure this place all the necessary conditions for natural formation of its own ecosystem without interference.

20. Room 39, North Korea

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Room 39 is a secret organization, associated with the dynasty of dictators of North Korea, Kim (Kim). Secret Department allegedly financed by the ruling family and the most senior member of government at the expense of both legitimate and not legitimate financial transactions. Rumor has it that the structure is engaged in smuggling, drug trafficking and money laundering via secret accounts in Switzerland. Main office Room 39 is most likely in the building of the ruling workers ‘ party of North Korea in Pyongyang (Pyongyang).

19. Swavarski Global Bank, Seedbanks, Norway

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Hidden inside a mountain on a remote island Svalbards archipelago (Svalbard), halfway between mainland Norway and the North pole, Global Bank Seed Funds is a safe repository, designed to preserve the diversity of vegetable seeds in the case of regional or global food crisis. Institution designed to hold 4.5 million seed samples, and now here it has brought about one million.

18. The test range Woomera, Australia

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Former spaceport and now range Woomera (Woomera), also known as Sumerskaya restricted area, is the world’s largest complex intended for testing military technologies. Its area – more than 122 thousand square kilometers. The cosmodrome is in South Australia, 450 kilometres North-East of Adelaide (Adelaide, the largest city in the district). The landfill was declared a restricted area in 1947, however, in the Woomera is still there objects that allowed ordinary citizens. For example, a local Museum and a few of the available attractions.

17. Metro-2, Russia

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Also known under the code name D-6, Metro-2 is a secret underground system of transportation facilities that runs parallel to the public Moscow metro. Secret bunkers were created during Stalin’s time, and presumably they connect some of the major governmental and administrative institutions of the capital, including the Kremlin, the main building of the Moscow Department of the FSB, the Vnukovo-2 airport, the security Council and the antiterrorist centre of the CIS.

16. Store recipe for Coca-Cola, Georgia, USA

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

The secret formula of the legendary cult all over the world drink Coca-Cola is one of the great trade secrets on the planet. The recipe is in a special Deposit box in Atlanta (Atlanta) in the Museum World of Coca-Cola (World of Coca-Cola). The object is seriously guarded, and access to this vault is only at the top management of the Corporation. The formula of the drink is the result of 125 years of history, Coca-Cola, and it is inextricably linked not only with cult flavor beloved around the world pop, but also with special memories.

15. Snake island, Brazil

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

The official name of this place – Queimada Grande (Ilha de Queimada Grande), but most often it is called Snake island. It is located off the coast of Sao Paulo, and is famous because here lives a lot of snakes. Worldwide, only inhabits the most dangerous kind of snake island bothrops. The venom of this reptile is so toxic that it literally melts human skin and flesh. It is not surprising that, for security reasons, Brazilian authorities banned visiting Queimada Grande.

14. Aristocratic club “Whites Gentleman Club”, London, UK

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Located on the street of Saint James (St. James) in the centre of London, Whites Gentleman Club is the most exclusive gentleman’s club in London or perhaps even the world. Extremely closed institution was founded in 1693, and it still follows the rule according to which the entrance is allowed only to men. Among the frequent visitors of this prestigious club includes such eminent persons as Prince Charles, Prince William and Tom Stacey (Prince Charles, Prince William, Tom Stacey). Membership in a respectable club cannot buy or beg, and an invitation to Whites Gentleman Club get only the very elect gentlemen on the planet on the basis of a special vote.

13. The island of North-Brother, new York, USA

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

The island of North-Brother (North Brother) is located in the East river (East River) and is part of the territory of new York. It is a modest piece of land and one of the most famous abandoned and more uninhabited areas of the American metropolis. This island has a very dark history. Since 1885 there was a quarantine hospital, and it is on the North Brothere lived the famous Typhoid Mary (Typhoid Mary, an American, became the first in the history of the us carrier of typhoid fever). In 1950-ies the hospital became a rehabilitation center for young drug addicts. Now this place is abandoned, and live here is that birds and small animals. People access to the island is strictly prohibited.

12. Spy Museum, China

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Educational Museum of national security in Nanchang (Nanjing) in the West of China is a Museum dedicated to espionage, and known that the entrance is available only to Chinese citizens. Foreign visitors are not allowed here. As has told managing a Museum, the exhibits (the collection of tiny pistols, miniature cameras, secret caches, and more) not intended to be too impressionable foreigners. In addition, visitors to the Museum forbidden to photograph anything within the facility.

11. Store gold in the Bank of England

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

The Central Bank of the United Kingdom of great Britain is located on the street of Trenel street (Threadneedle Street), London, and in his vault holds about 20% of the gold reserves of all countries of the world. In the Bank of England kept for 5 134 tons of gold, and a quantity of this precious metal is equivalent to about 248 billion dollars! The vault is unlocked with traditional metal keys, and is equipped with an electronic protection system to access here was only by authorized employees.

10. Secret base Dulce, new Mexico, USA

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Near the border with Colorado (Colorado) in Northern new Mexico (New Mexico) is a small town of Dulce (Dulce), which lives only 2 600 people (mostly Navajo Indians). There is a theory that this place is a underground U.S. military base, which hosts an incredible experiment and develop innovative technologies. The conspiracy theorists say that this underground complex is home to hybrids of humans and animals, humans and aliens, as well as what you can see here the most advanced devices on the planet. The authorities, naturally, deny everything.

9. Mezhgore, Russia

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Mizhhiria – lost in the southern Ural mountains of the Russian closed town, which is rumored to hide a nuclear ballistic missile. The city is guarded by 2 soldiers of the battalion, providing that his property is not warped uninvited guests. The official authorities have not commented on the rumors about the presence of nuclear weapons in this closed facility, but in the West believe that it is at the local base there are rockets that you can activate remotely and at any time.

8. The Pyramid Of Chichen Itza, Mexico

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Chichen Itza is one of the most famous and well preserved of the great cities of the Maya civilization in Mexico. This archaeological site is very popular among tourists from all over the world, coming to the Yucatan Peninsula for a beach types and numerous excursions. Every year, Chichen Itza is visited by approximately 1.5 million people. However, the most cult object of the city of the Maya, pyramid of KUKULCAN (Kukulkan) is no longer available to the public, and entrance here is strictly prohibited. The pyramid was closed in 2006 after the deadly fall of a hiker, rolled down from the slope of the sights during the descent.

7. Mount Water, Virginia, USA

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Just 74 miles from Washington deep into the bowels of the earth is a secret underground U.S. military base mount Water (Mount Weather). The headquarters was established as a control center in emergency situation and as a refuge for high-ranking military and civilian elite in the event of a national catastrophe. The base is equipped with all necessary for Autonomous life, from canteens, hospitals and recreational areas to the power plants, crematoria, and mass transit. Hopper mount Water guarded by armed soldiers, electric fences, barbed wire and the entrances to it are warning signs.

6. Acute Hurd, Australia

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

This is one of the most remote from civilization places on the planet. The heard island (Heard Island) is located between Madagascar and Antarctica, and politically part of Australia. In the archipelago there are two active volcanoes, and its drying is represented mainly limestone rock and volcanic debris (detritus). In 1996 the Australian government introduced Hurd to the list of national heritage of the country and has developed a plan under which the access to the island without special permission is strictly prohibited. Thus the authorities want to protect the unique and very fragile nature of the island.

5. Pravčická brána, Czech Republic

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Pravčická brána (Pravcicka Brana) is one of the most famous natural sights of Czech Republic, and it is the largest Sandstone gate (rock arch) in Europe. Since 1982, the tourists are forbidden to climb this rock arch to reduce stress on the eroding rock. However, the destruction of the arches is still going on, and geologists believe that soon she will collapse that has already occurred and the Azure window (Azure Window, Maltese iconic landmark, limestone arch, collapsed literally in 2017).

4. Island Powella, Italy

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

This small island is located in Northern Italy between Venice and Lido. Pavela (Poveglia) is forbidden to visit the place even with a dark and insane past. Once it housed a quarantine hospital for patients with plague. They say that on a small piece of land at the same time lived almost 160 000 infected, many of whom spent their last days and hours of agonizing existence. Supposedly 50% of the soil of the island Powella now consists of human remains. After the closure of the quarantine center, there appeared a mental hospital, which was rumored to be tortured and killed many patients. This institution was closed, and since then, the island was completely empty. Today visiting the island is strictly prohibited.

3. The Tomb Of Qin Shi Huangdi, China

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

The tomb of the first Chinese Emperor and founder of the Qin dynasty, Qin Shi Huangdi (Qin Shi Huang), is hidden deep in the bowels of a hill in Central China. The funerary complex consists of a complex network of underground caves filled with all sorts of items that could be useful to the Emperor in his afterlife, including an army of clay figures known as the terracotta army. By itself, the tomb with the body of the ruler is still not excavated. Perhaps in tribute to the ancestors of the Chinese government will never allow to continue the archaeological study of this object.

2. Diego Garcia, British Indian ocean territory

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

This island is located South of the equator in the Central Indian ocean and is a Atoll, looking almost like the ideal tropical getaway with white-sand beaches and turquoise water. However, after 1973, the British force drove the local people, there is a large military base, and access to the island is now allowed only to authorized personnel of the Fort.

1. Bhangarh Fort, India

Таинственные места, в которые не так просто попасть. Фото

Bhangarh Fort (Bhangarh) is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan (Rajasthan) and represents the ruins of the 17th century. Hindus are afraid of this place, because it is believed that in the old castle is haunted. The authorities officially announced the ruined city the abode of ghosts and imposed strict rules on visiting these ruins. Tourists are forbidden to appear in the Fort in the night time (from dusk until dawn), and the inhabitants of the surrounding villages say that no one have guts to violate this rule, hence have not yet returned.

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