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Mysterious places, reminiscent of the Bermuda triangle. Photo

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. ФотоThe Bermuda triangle is not the only place where bad things happen.

About the mysterious Bermuda triangle is probably known to everyone.

News from him come regularly, and recently, the news feeds received the information that the mysterious Bermuda returned the missing 90 years ago a ship in the Caribbean sea was discovered drifting without a team rusty boat stranded American merchant ship, disappeared in December 1926 in the Bermuda triangle.

But the really mysterious places on the planet much more! Pectrum talks about the most interesting of them.

1. Of The Superstition Mountains

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

Of the Superstition mountains is a mountain range located East of Phoenix (Arizona). According to legend, sometime in the 1800’s a man named Jacob Waltz discovered a huge mountain gold mine, but no one opened this place. Since mine could not find a single person in spite of numerous expeditions. Tell that the spirits of people who died in search of gold, still roam these mountains. Legend American Indian legend says that the treasures of the mountains are guarded by creatures called Tuar-Tooms (little people) who live below the mountains in caves and tunnels. Some Indians the Apaches believe that the entrance to hell is located in these mountains.

2. The Brazilian magnetic anomaly

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

If in space there is an analogue of the Bermuda triangle, then this is definitely the Brazilian magnetic anomaly. This is an area where radiation, internal radiation known as the van Allen belt, fits closest to the surface of the Earth. It is because of this region, there are numerous problems with satellites and spacecraft — from software failure before complete failure. The Hubble telescope has actually went down when passing through this anomaly, and the astronauts on the ISS will never go into space when passing through the anomaly. Some astronauts reported “shooting stars” over the anomaly.

3. Lake Angikuni

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

In November 1930, a hunter named Joe Labelle sought refuge for the night and decided to go to the village of the Inuit (Eskimos), with a population, according to various estimates, from 30 to 2000. When Joe got to the village, he found quite an eerie sight in the village there was not a single inhabitant. The food and weapons were on in the houses, if nothing had happened.
Labelle called the Royal canadian mounted police and, waiting their arrival, began independent searches. In the cemetery of the village it was discovered that at least one grave (data sources vary) was dug up, and obviously not animals, and it was empty. 100 metres from the village were found the bodies of 7 dogs who died from starvation, despite the fact that the village was full of food. What happened to the Inuit, is still unknown.

4. Sea devil

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Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

The Devil’s sea (or Dragon’s Triangle) is an area in the Pacific ocean, in which constantly there are strange events than in the Bermuda triangle. Sea Devil, located on the coast of Japan, was the site of countless unexplained phenomena including magnetic anomalies, inexplicable lights and objects, and mysterious disappearances. This place is considered dangerous even the official Japanese authorities. One of the stories says that in 1952 the Japanese government sent a research ship “kayo Maru No. 5”, to explore the mysteries of the sea Devil. More this ship and its crew, which was composed of 31 people, never seen.

5. Ranch Bigelow

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

Bigelow ranch (formerly known as Skywater ranch and Sherman ranch) is a plot of 480 acres in the North-West of the state of Utah, which is a place for countless UFO sightings, animal mutilations and other strange occurrences. Although the mysterious incidents have been documented here since the 50-ies, some of the most bizarre stories happened to the ranch owners, Terry and Gwen Sherman by after they bought it in 1994.
On the first day, when they moved to a ranch, Sherman saw a big wolf in the pasture. Incredibly, the farmers even stroked the wolf as the beast acted like a manual. Suddenly, however, the wolf grabbed the calf in the face through the bars of the pen. When Terry shot the wolf from the gun, the bullets didn’t affect it at all no effect. The wolf left only when Terry started to shoot him with a shotgun (it’s worth noting, too, without the slightest effect). Sherman tried to track down the wolf, but his tracks ended abruptly, as if he was lost.
Next, the Shermans were constantly suffering from events such as UFOs, unexplained flying orbs (which burned their three dogs) and constantly appears terrible injuries from their cattle. It got to the point that the couple Shermans in 1996 he sold the ranch to Robert Bigelow, founder of the National Institute for Discovery Science, who wanted to explore the mysteries surrounding the ranch. The Institute keeps their discovery a secret.

6. Point Pleasant

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

Ironically this place was called Point Pleasant (pleasant place), but it’s just shrouded in a string of mysterious and terrible events. The most famous is the appearance of a creature known as the Mothman (Mothman), which terrorized a small community in West Virginia from November 1966 to December 1967.
Over a hundred different citizens of point pleasant were seeing this 2-meter humanoid with a wide torso, hypnotic, glowing red eyes and 3-meter wings. Reports on the emergence of the man-moth stopped after 15 December 1967 in the town collapsed Silver bridge, killing 46 people. This has led some researchers to believe that both events are interconnected.

7. Michigan triangle

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

Michigan triangle, in which there are mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft, is in the middle of lake Michigan. The most famous case of the disappearance of the mysterious disappearance of captain Donner. 28 April 1937 cargo ship “Mcfarland” went for flights from Erie (Pennsylvania) to Port Washington (Wisconsin). The boat’s way ran through the triangle. As the story goes, captain George R. Donner tired and retired to his cabin, asking the second mate to Wake him when the ship approaches the destination. About three hours later, when the second mate went to Wake the captain, he found Donner in his quarters. The crew searched the ship, but the captain was never found.

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8. Valley San Luis

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

In the valley of San Luis in southern Colorado UFOs appear so often that a woman named Judy Massolin even created a vantage point for UFO on his land. Since 2000 it has registered more than 50 UFOs, some of which was observed by dozens of people. For the skeptics UFO more frightening are the stories of animal mutilations in the region. They began in 1967, and since then in the valley are regularly cleaned then clean the skeletons of cattle, then partially consumed carcasses with traces of neat cuts.

9. Bennington triangle

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

Another mysterious triangle is located in southwestern Vermont, and it was was 5 mysterious disappearances in the period of 1945-1950 years. November 12, 1945 75-year-old Middy rivers led the group of hunters. On the way back, the conductor went ahead of the group, after which he never saw.
1 Dec 1946 18-year-old Studenka Sex Velden went Hiking. She never came back, there was no sign of her.

Exactly 3 years later, December 1, 1949, a veteran named James Thetford bus ride back to his home after visit to relatives. Witnesses watched as he boarded the bus the stop before it, but when the bus arrived at the destination of Thetford was not in it.

Eight year old Paul jepson disappeared on October 12, 1950, while his mother fed pigs. Despite the fact that the boy was very visible red jacket, the search teams are unable to find it.

October 28, 1950, Frieda Langer went on a camping trip with his cousin. Along the way she slipped and got wet in the Creek. Frida quickly decided to go back and change, and then disappeared forever.

10. Bridzhuoterskoy triangle

Загадочные места, напоминающие Бермудский треугольник. Фото

Bridzhuoterskaya area of a triangle, approximately 520 square kilometers, and this place is located in southeastern Massachusetts South of Boston. This area is famous for numerous cryptozoological observations. Since 1970-ies there have been a few reports of tall, hairy, APE-like creatures roaming the swamp. Witnesses also reported giant birds and creatures that looked like pterodactyls.

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