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Mysterious phenomena, caught in the camera lens. Photo

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. ФотоThese phenomena raise a number of questions.

Little did the world of the inexplicable, and miraculous phenomena? At times some of them fall into the frame. Mystics see in them the magic, the skeptics find the explanation and debunking the myths. Look at our selection of 15 images, a phenomenon which we managed to solve… or has yet to explain.

Mobile communications in the circus?

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

If you look closely the actions of the extras in the film Charlie Chaplin’s “the Circus” in 1928, you will see that next to the Zebra standing figure talking on … a cell phone?
In our modern view, nothing unusual. But it’s 1928!
What do you see? Or we have to believe in time travel, and the lady is really talking on the cell phone or we need to find a perfectly reasonable explanation.
One of the most likely assumptions will be that woman holding a big hearing aid, which was invented in the early 1920’s.


Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

For a long time, ball lightning was considered fiction, although the stories about ball lightning many centuries. Only in the last few decades they were able to capture, and scientists believe that it may be true.
Today we can recreate these balls in the laboratories, but unanimity in how ball lightning occur in the natural world, no. There are a number of hypotheses — from the vapor of silicon to black holes — but no one has not yet become generally accepted.
So the fireball is on the list of unexplained phenomena that could be greetings from extraterrestrial civilizations.

The falling microphone stand

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

There is a whole conspiracy theory, which claims that singer Stevie wonder is not blind as it seems — he uses the image of the blind musician to soften the public and to be in her eyes an amazing and unique. Far-fetched of course, but claims in its address from time to time arise.
For example, when Stevie is holding the camera and supposedly looking through the eyepiece, photographing a wax figure of Michael Jackson. Why Stevie uses the camera’s eyepiece? What does he find? Or is he just kidding?
Or here’s another: during one of the concerts wonder sang a duet with McCartney. The video shows how the microphone stand Stevie wonder drops from being accidentally knocks McCartney. Surprisingly, Stevie reaches out and catches the rack before she fell to the ground. How so?
Skeptics will tell you that it was pure coincidence, or that Stevie heard McCartney pushed the microphone and reflexively reached out his hand hoping to stop the fall. But actually it looks pretty shocking…

A radio station license

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

It’s a shortwave radio station which is authentically not known. They broadcasts a set of numbers, words or letters that reads the speaker or the computer. In some cases, a phonetic alphabet. Although many believe that these number stations transmit encrypted information, and may belong to the intelligence services, directly to prove this have not succeeded. Some of them work quite a long time. For example, “buzzer” (the Soviet and now Russian shortwave station UVB-76) is working since 1973.
Naturally, there are a lot of theories that try to explain the necessity of these stations: for example, that it was just a technical broadcasting that shows that your radio is working properly. Or that it’s a signal from some secret people, as long as he is alive. And if they die, then the signal will disappear and this will be familiar to someone.
In General, as long as there is something inexplicable, people will always be able to make this secret covered with a gloom.

Ninel Kulagina

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

A magical gift of telekinesis Nina Kulagina agitated the minds of the public and scientists for many years. A citizen of the Soviet Union, from Leningrad, Kulagina was known for his ability to move objects at a distance, influencing them through telekinesis.
During the cold war, the new direction of development of psychology was the “parapsychology” and learning applications. In the 1960s the Soviet Union made statements that Kulagina demonstrates the real psychokinetic abilities.
In a number of research Institute scientists in various specialties were numerous studies carried out her gift. Including was filmed a number of videos showing its ability to move objects, just focus on them.
The skeptics were many. They argued that Kulagina uses tricks and uncontrolled environment to perform their “feats”. Some said she was even caught and exposed.
However, although the evidence recorded on video, can be unconvincing in itself weakness leaves the place in order to find this truth. Even if it sounds crazy.

Night shapes in Fresno

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

Why all the mysterious happened in an era when we didn’t have HD cameras?..
Have you heard anything about the strange shapes that were picked up on CCTV in Fresno (CA)? These strange little creatures with no arms, wear cloaks and hoods. Honestly, they are very similar to people. But like as not people.
Unfortunately, the video such a poor quality does not allow us to say what we watch, whether it is about new life forms or purely hoax. Though after the video has a huge number of volunteers who were trying to recreate what is shown in the video, the result was so-so. In short, even if we doubt the figures — the aliens, we still can’t find a reasonable explanation for what we see.

Satellite Black knight

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

The origin of the “Black knight”, also known as “Sputnik aliens” is unknown, but it is believed that this omission has long existed satellite orbiting the Earth.
One of the first “proofs” of his existence is radioexpedition 1899, Nikola Tesla. Although skeptics claim that Tesla just recorded interference signals from pulsars (which have not been discovered to this point), conspiracy theorists point to the approval of Tesla, made at the conference of that year: “the Nature of my experiments excludes the possibility of influence on them of atmospheric phenomena… in Spite of this, that I couldn’t decipher the signals, but it is impossible to think of them as absolute randomness… Behind them a purpose. They are an attempt on the part of other worlds to join us in the conversation.”
In 1998, NASA released photos of an unidentified object in space. Some people immediately believed that this was the famous Black knight. Others are inclined to see in these images of thermal blanket, lost by astronauts. Come learn where true!

Sawaski astronaut

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

The controversy around the figure in a photograph taken in 1964, a fireman, photographer and local historian Jim Templeton, do not cease till now. The photo shows the daughter of the Templeton and a certain figure for her.
The figure looks like an astronaut, which is what causes the most heated debates: after all, this object was not there when Templeton took pictures of daughter. Made in recent years, the analysis of photos shows that this is almost certainly the double exposure, and that in the background is the figure of his wife. But those who believe in the theory of the astronaut, saying that his wife was dressed in different clothes, and applying the film never be able to do. They also suggest that the person in the background is much larger than the wife of Templeton. Well, maybe they’re right…

Naga fireballs

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

It is a natural phenomenon that occurs once a year on the Mekong river in Thailand (Isan region) and in Laos. Is that from the depths of the river rise up glowing orbs, similar to reddish eggs. Balloons rise 10-20 metres above the river and disappear…
The causes of the phenomenon is unclear until the end. It was assumed that the balls appear in the result of fermentation carried by the river phosphate slurry, which ignites when exposed to certain atmospheric conditions. Locals say that thousands of balloons rising above the river, creates a Naga living in the river. Some compare them to the lights of St. Elmo, the patron Saint of sailors. When the discharge in the form of luminous beams or tufts occur on the sharp ends of the high items in large electric fields in the atmosphere. But Mekong lights occur above the river without any sharp objects!

Ghosts of the tanker Watertown

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

In December 1924, the American bulk ship “Watertown” was heading from the coast of California to New Orleans via the Panama canal, when two sailors, Courtney and Mihan, suffocated by the fumes of the oil. Their bodies were buried at sea off the coast of Mexico.
After the funeral the crew began to see “ghosts”, and captain, Keith Tracy, even officially informed about these “meetings” management of the company. He was asked to take a picture of it, then saw the carriage.
Obviously, the quality of photographs from 1925 so bad, that these ghosts could be anything but knowledgeable people say that what you see — the faces of James Courtney and Michael Mihana.

The specter of Newby Church

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

This photo in 1963 did the Reverend K. F. Lord. It is believed that it depicts the Ghost of the plague doctor, who worked at Newby Church in North Yorkshire. Officially the photo and did not recognize a fake.
You may think that this is the result of a double exposure, but there are experts, including even the military, who just are not sure. They examined the photo and determined that it is not double exposure.
No one knows what it is, and won’t know until then, until we develop new technologies that will be able to prove that the Ghost is the result of blending multiple shots. However, I wonder what to do with a mask on the face of the Ghost of a monk-healer… proponents of the theory about the Ghost say that is very similar to what a medieval monk wore a mask, but who can know that for sure?

The Lights Of Hessdalen

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

This phenomenon who not only studied — a strange natural phenomenon in the valley of Hessdalen in Norway has often been the subject of attention of many scientists. But still he did not found a single explanation for this may be the result of the combustion of hydrogen, oxygen and sodium in the atmosphere. This can be ionization of air and dust. This can be the phenomenon of “piezoelectricity” or even a kind of ball lightning.
Despite ongoing research since the early 1980’s, scientists have not come to a consensus that still leaves the Hessdalen lights are one of the most unexplained and mysterious phenomena.

Sea monster island hook

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

Hook island in Iceland became famous quite by accident. Far from it in 1965, was photographed a sea monster, a tadpole the size of a huge whale. He was photographed by local resident Robert Le Serek.
For many years skeptics claimed that it was a fake, although there is no refutation of that picture’s a hoax. For example, there are those who believe that this plastic tarpaulin under water. However, it is safe to say that in front of us, almost impossible. This is one of those photos that will forever remain “mysterious”, because it is impossible to prove any hypothesis in relation to what we see. The truth is always somewhere near…

Lady Grandmother

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963, investigators interviewed people on the subject of the photos, which they were doing at the time of the motorcade of the President.
The most famous of the photographers called themselves is Abraham Zapruder. However, all photos of that day shows that are closest to Kennedy was one woman who might have filmed the time of the murder.
“Lady Grandma” — a nickname she got due to the fact that I was covered in a handkerchief resembling the headwear of Russian women of advanced age. Made repeated attempts to identify a Lady Grandmother, but they did not succeed. Lady Grandmother called one American in 1970, however, many researchers have considered her words a lie.

Film Patterson

Таинственные явления, попавшие в объектив камеры. Фото

Video made October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Gillinham on one of the tributaries of the Klamath river 25 miles North-West of Orleans, California.
Since that time, video was many times subjected to analysis in order to identify the creature depicted on it or trying to expose the forgery. Some scientists who have studied the film concluded that it is only a man in a monkey suit. However, other scientists after research came to the conclusion that this creature is probably not human.
Still some debate about whether the creature in the video is real or it is a well-crafted fake. Apparently, we had already do not know.

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