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Mysterious find: the Kuril Islands discovered thirty new sea creatures

Таинственная находка: на Курилах обнаружены тридцать новых морских существA sensational find has been done in the area of Matua island, which is located in the Kuril Islands.

Scientists have discovered 30 new species of sea creatures. Among them, about a dozen new species of anemones, at least eight new species of sponges, there are new species among the hydroids, molluscs and other groups. This is stated in the article, the Pacific Institute of geography far East branch (TIG DVO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The researchers noted that at least two families of marine invertebrates were first noted in Russian waters. We are talking about sea anemones — Acrylates korotkosostavnom, and hydroida — Similitude snow.

Actinium was first described in the year 2016 in all four instances from the coastal waters of the island Adak the Aleutian chain as a new species, a new genus and a new family. The island of Matua, these anemones are found in a large number of Pacific Institute of geography Feb RAS.

The scientists explained that representatives of these families not on the Kamchatka Peninsula, they prefer to live in clean water drains away from the mainland. Moreover, the island of Matua found one kind of echiurida. It is a kind of invertebrate animals that have a blue-greenish color. This species was first described in 1946.

In late August, the scientists first took a picture of a fish living at a depth of eight thousand meters. Underwater creatures managed to shoot scientists of Japan at the deepest point of the Earth — the Mariana trench in the Pacific ocean. Fish are very cute and not like those terrible monsters, which usually represent people.

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