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Mysterious disappearances of airplanes, shocked the world. Photo

Таинственные случаи исчезновения самолетов, шокировавшие мир. ФотоThey just disappeared from radar.

Mysterious disappearances occur not only on earth. Stories about how the missing aircraft never touching the runway a lot.

“Good night, Malaysian three seven zero”, the flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines

Таинственные случаи исчезновения самолетов, шокировавшие мир. Фото

It was a normal scheduled passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China). 8 March 2014 a Boeing pulled away from the runway and disappeared in the sky over the South China sea, 40 minutes after takeoff.

On Board were 239 people. In January 2015, all recognized the dead in an “accident”. The circumstances of the crash remained unclear. The plane gained altitude, took set by Manager tier, and then followed the route. No reports of problems on Board, suspicious passengers or other violations. All systems worked normally, no reason for anxiety was not.

In the morning the flight was supposed to enter the airspace of Vietnam. The Manager gave Boeing an indication to switch to the new frequency, the pilot acknowledged receipt of the information, and the operator bade him farewell: “good night, Malaysian three seven zero”.

A few minutes later the aircraft turned off devices that transmit information about the location of the aircraft. The Boeing disappeared from the radars of dispatching services. Located at an altitude of 10 thousand meters, the plane disappeared.

The situation is “a disaster” was declared after 6.5 hours after the loss of the aircraft. One of the reasons for the delay was the information from the airline, which continued to assure everyone that the plane is moving according to plan. After 1.5 years after the disappearance of the aircraft at distances of more than 4 000 kilometers from the alleged place of his fall into the ocean was accidentally discovered 6 fragments of the case.

Paintings by Manabu Mabe and pilot of two accidents: the Boeing 707

Таинственные случаи исчезновения самолетов, шокировавшие мир. Фото

The incident with the Boeing 707 1969, is considered one of the most mysterious in the history of world aviation. On Board a cargo airliner flying from Tokyo to Los Angeles, there were only 6 people and 153 paintings by famous Japanese-Brazilian artist Manabu Mabe, the cost was $1 240 000.

The commander of the aircraft was Gilbert araújo da Silva, known as one of the few survivors in the crash of flight near Paris. Tokyo sky that day was cloudy, but the crew decided to start. After 20 minutes the Board received a message that the flight is proceeding normally. The next time the plane was to get in touch, after forty minutes, but after a specified time, the aircraft on the equipment. It tried to communicate, but to no avail.

Despite an extensive search, failed to find any trace of the aircraft or signs of his fall. One version says that the plane was attacked from collectors of paintings, but none of the artist’s works have not surfaced in the information space even after all these years.

This is one of the few incidents in which one person is involved in two plane crashes.

“It’s not a plane”: the “kidnapping” of Frederick Valentich

Таинственные случаи исчезновения самолетов, шокировавшие мир. Фото

Pilot Frederick that Spot was only 19 years old. He was born in Melbourne and was always interested in aviation and believed in UFOs. His ability as a pilot was repeatedly subjected to doubt: he twice failed all five examinations for a pilot’s license and repeatedly fell into dangerous situations.

Last cost him his life.

The case was really bizarre, and obscure items around it are rife. Let’s start with the fact that Valentich was going to fly to king island, there to take a cargo of lobsters and passengers and return them to Murrain. After the disappearance it was found that the island had neither cargo nor passengers.

Таинственные случаи исчезновения самолетов, шокировавшие мир. Фото

The spot had to fly 235 km from the airport Moorabin. The weather was beautiful on Board were all the equipment and the aircraft could stay afloat even in case of a fall of the ship at least a few minutes.

But then something strange happened. Throughout the flight, Valentich repeatedly contacted air traffic Control in Melbourne and reported an unusual aircraft that was chasing him. Valentich could not determine either the type of aircraft nor its speed, it is assumed that this is a military vessel. “I think he’s playing some kind of game [to me], said Valentich Manager. — He’s flying over me two… three times at speeds I can’t tell.”

His last message read: “This strange aircraft again hovered over me. It hangs… and it’s not a plane”.

These words are followed by 17 seconds of noise, described as “metallic, scraping sounds”, then the connection was broken. Neither Valentich nor his plane were never discovered.

The disappearance of the “flying tiger”: L-1049 over the Pacific ocean

Таинственные случаи исчезновения самолетов, шокировавшие мир. Фото

The crash of the plane L-1049H American airlines Flying Tiger Lineruen is considered to be the largest number of people the aircraft’s disappearance in the twentieth century. On Board were 107 people, the flight was flying from the Mariana Islands in the Philippine.

During the flight, the pilot contacted the Center for international flight and, without explanation, requested an increase in cruising altitude. After some time, the air came a noise, like someone was trying to get in touch, but the Manager could not understand a word. After that the connection was lost.

On Board the plane were life jackets and an emergency radio and flare gun with 25 rounds. That is, if I had to make an emergency landing on water, emergency tools would allow to evacuate all people on Board.

To search for the missing plane has involved 1,300 people, 48 aircraft and 8 surface ships. All efforts to find the plane have failed. The Board has disappeared without a trace.

The Commission from the Council for civil aviation came to the conclusion that it can not find the cause of the accident.

The last flight of Amelia Earhart

Таинственные случаи исчезновения самолетов, шокировавшие мир. Фото

The first woman pilot to fly over the Atlantic ocean, dreaming of travelling the world and the child. Amelia went missing while flying over the Pacific ocean near the island of Howland.

Amelia was forty, she held in the air for 16 years of my life: flying over the crests of the waves, fell in the storm, repeatedly flew across the Atlantic and performed feats, which cost the lives of many experienced pilots, but good luck was spared.

In 1936, Amelia gave birth on the day of a twin-engine monoplane “Lokhid-Electra” — a small airplane with which Earhart and decided to realize his dream. She planned to fly around the world on the longest route, as close as possible to the equator. Amelia urged the media and friends that this will be her last flight. And so it happened.

Таинственные случаи исчезновения самолетов, шокировавшие мир. Фото

She said: “Soon the records will cease to be the main engine of progress in the aviation industry, and the main man in aviation, now is not the dashing pilot-daredevil, and well-trained aviation engineer”.

The first attempt to take off failed — the chassis could not withstand the weight of the aircraft had a burst tyre. The plane miraculously didn’t explode. But that didn’t stop Amelia.

In may 1937, along with Navigator Fred Noonan, she took off from Lae town on the coast of New Guinea. The flight was long and very dangerous — pilots had to find in the Pacific, a tiny island after 18 hours of non-stop flight. On the island Earhart was already waiting for the press and officials of the country. The plane was supposed to be over Holenda from minute to minute… But it never happened.

Таинственные случаи исчезновения самолетов, шокировавшие мир. Фото

Search and rescue expedition was immediately organized, and it was the most ambitious and expensive in the history of the U.S. Navy. In January 1939, Amelia and her Navigator recognized dead.

In 1940, on an uninhabited Pacific Atoll Nickumaroro found a skeleton. He was considered as belonging to the man, but in 2016, scientists conducted anthropological examination, and she testified that the remains could belong and the woman of the same height and ethnicity, and Amelia Earhart. There were things that may have belonged to Amelia Earhart and Fred nunno: the remains of flight jackets, mirror, fragments of aluminum sheets and cosmetic cream from freckles.

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