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Myself electrician: compact multimeter and measuring current consumption from Cafago

Some tools and instruments must be any man, able to fix anything with their hands. They include a multimeter, which will save a lot of money on calling an electrician or the mechanic, if required, for example, to quickly find the broken wire or to measure the voltage coming from the generator to the vehicle battery.

A man must be able not only to earn but also to save money, especially in Russia, where the price of everything, to put it mildly, big. For example, you can pay less for electricity if you limit its consumption, and this will help meter the power consumption. Both of these devices you can purchase in online store Cafago, and he kindly gave them to us for the test. Let’s begin and start with the multimeter.


Packaging equipment

On the test we have a multimeter RichMeters RM100, and it comes in a fairly sturdy cardboard box. The packaging looks very stylish, and even has a schematic image of the device, but its informative ends. Without an autopsy it is impossible to know what is inside it – there is no list of characteristics, nor even the list of accessories from the kit.

But the equipment is the multimeter, in fact, the king: in addition to the device itself, there is a very detailed manual, the stand for vertical arrangement (integrated in case), two wired probe on the “+” and “-” and even fairly durable pouch for transport. The batteries manufacturer to report did not.



Multimeter RichMeters RM100 declared as a compact measuring device and as such it is. The case is made of thick quality plastic, assembled perfectly, and nowhere is there even a flash, not that less serious defects. In this respect, everything is fine.

Have a question for the choice of color of body: why is it made of turquoise, and only the front panel left dark gray. Could not then, and does it in pink paint. But color is always a matter of taste, so that dwell on it will not.

The ends of the housing of the multimeter does not bear the functional load. On the front panel we see a very large LCD display screen without backlight, below – the Twister responsible for switching measured value. Even lower there are places to connect wired probes supplied.

The back of the case is hinged RichMeters RM100 stand, and under it lies the lid closed on the same bolt a compartment for two AAA batteries. If desired, the stand can be removed.



RichMeters RM100 has a convenient form – it’s not just a plastic brick, a modern measuring device, which is quite comfortable to hold in hand. The weight manufacturer not specified, but in the hand it is not felt.

Switch the measure mode is working quite tight, and every change in its position causes a noticeable tactile feedback and a loud click is all as it should be. In the grooves under the probe has a locking mechanism so that the wires will not fall out of them at the wrong time. The test leads themselves have a high-quality wire insulation, rough to the touch and thick enough plastic holders themselves, but it is very thin stinger from a fairly soft metal. Thickness clearly sharpened for work with microelectronics, but the quality of the metal leaves much to be desired – it is better to buy at the local radio shack, spare probes.

The display device of claim arose: the numbers on it are large, easy to read indicators, and the lack of a backlight, which may seem a disadvantage, only helps to save the batteries. In fact, no one ever tries to measure something in the dark, so backlighting is unnecessary, and therefore here and there.


Work offline

RichMeters RM100 very sparingly uses battery power or batteries are standard AAA and it has two shutdown mode. You can either turn off the multimeter forced by switching the toggle switch to the appropriate position OFF, or simply leave it somewhere, and it will turn off automatically.

The self-discharge of the device is missing: after lying on the shelf for two weeks, he kept on charge at the same level.


Measurement accuracy

RichMeters RM100 has shown itself as a fairly accurate measuring device. The error in the readings he has, but the minimum that can be clearly seen in the photo, where it just turned on, but nothing measures. In 220V discrepancy was 1-3 volts, which is the permissible values. In microelectronics, the result is given even more accurate.


Pros RichMeters RM100

– compact body;

– high quality performance;

– large display;

– the economy.


Cons RichMeters RM100

– uninformative packaging;

– low quality pressed on the probe.



We now turn to measuring the current consumption of the Digital Energy Meter



Packaging equipment

Meter Digital Energy Meter comes in a white cardboard box with no markings. There is nothing – no product, no name, no characteristics. It’s just white cardboard, no more, no less, and packing dimensions coincide with the dimensions of the meter.

This implies that inside her there is nothing but the device, although the manufacturer still put a folded several times a piece of paper with instructions. Here we must pay tribute: although she is short but contains all the necessary data, and even the list of characteristics available, and it is competently translated into English. Here is in detail painted, what can this meter how to use how to read the indicators and what information it provides.



The statement pointed out all the main parameters of the meter. Our version is originally intended for Europe market and Russia, and because she already has the right plug, and sharpened it under our power.

– mains: 230 V, 50 Hz;

– maximum load: 3.7 kW, 16 amp;

– the minimum measured power: 0.1 watt;

– minimum measured value: 0.01 kW/h;

– measurement error: +-2%.


From this list we see that the device can be connected even very energy-intensive technique, such as kettle, water heater or even a split-system. This is a huge plus Digital Energy Meter.



Digital Energy Meter – a small device with a LCD screen without the backlight connected directly to the socket and has another socket for connecting a plug of the measured equipment. There are three buttons – setting mode value (Set), increase value (Up) and the display mode information (Mode).

Case Digital Energy Meter completely plastic and painted white, the back has a sticker listing the basic parameters in case of loss of the complete instruction. The build quality is very good: do not even say that the device ordered from China. Everything fit perfectly, plug and massive quality inside nothing rattles and not loose.



To use the device is very simple: you need to stick it in the socket, pre-set energy cost for 1 kW/h and connect the technique you want to measure. I liked the layout of the buttons: when connected to a fork to press them becomes very uncomfortable, had to put that on the lateral end. By themselves, the buttons are rubberized and pressed moderately tight. For people with large fingers they are small, but they are at the time.

Screen Digital Energy Meter is too small, and the contrast is not happy, plus its protective glass glare in the light, as illumination had not. The display is the weakest side of the device.


Indicators and error

Display Digital Energy Meter displays four types of data: pre-set the cost of electricity increasing as energy consumption cost (measured in real time), power consumption in watts and kilowatts.

The first indicator is uninteresting and can be found in the receipt for payment of electricity bills. But it must be set in advance to earned second indicator: Digital Energy Meter will be in real time to demonstrate how much consumed, say, a vacuum cleaner, and how much has been spent on this money.

Next is power consumption in watts in case of connection of low power devices, for example, charging from a smartphone. We checked in the memory settings 1.5 A and 5V, giving a total of 7.5 watts, and the device showed a 10 watt power consumption. The error is very high.

At the same time when connecting a 2-kilowatt kettle and switch on the display of kilowatts error fell almost to zero – the display shows 1.98 kW. Thus, with proper indication of the cost of 1 kWh in your home, you will always know the correct value of the power consumed by your appliances and how much you have to pay money at the end of the month.


The Advantages Of Digital Energy Meter

– compact body;

– high build quality;

– ease of use;

– a detailed English manual;

– minimum error.


Cons Of Digital Energy Meter

– small screen without backlight;

– an ill-conceived ergonomics of the body.

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