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“My job right people”: presenter glad that in Moscow have closed cafe “mu-Mu”

On 7 December it became known that one of the cafe chain “mu-Mu” on Nakhimovsky Prospekt suspended work. The fact that on the eve of a school were poisoned schoolchildren from Kaliningrad, arrived in the capital for a tour.

The children became ill on the way back. On the night of December 3 in Smolensk schoolchildren had to be removed from the train, to give them medical assistance. It turned out that among 16 children food poisoning. After the incident, the experts have checked all the places where ate students. As a result, the violations found in the cafe chain “Mu-Mu”. Employees, and the institution brought to justice.

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On the news of the poisoning of children responded to the leading of the program “Revizorro” Elena Volatile. The blonde said, that not in vain does its work and hoped that the CPS would pay attention to other institutions, without waiting for the mass poisoning.

“I know my people need work! I know restaurateurs who bully children should not work! You can threaten me, despise me, but people can see you! No wonder I looked in the Moscow season in the restaurant MU-MU! I hope the CPS do not need a mass poisoning, in order to check the other restaurants and cafes!” — wrote Bat in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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