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My first teacher. Kind and impractical .

Мой первый учитель. Добрый и непрактичный .

In Leningrad just after the War, at age six, I communicate mostly with women and is familiar with one man – Pavel Ivanovich, a colleague and friend Aunt Jenny. He’s an engineer, kind and delicate person, and for me, fellowship with him is the greatest happiness. Gave me a microscope (still have), and how much joy when we see it in insects. Shocking sophisticated luxury eye flies… Even gave the children set of the metalwork tool, which I particularly adored the hammer for supremacy called him Stalin.

Made a bow and we’re somewhere outside of town, shoot up, noting the time at which the arrow will fall to the ground. Then (of course!) calculate according to the formula the height of its ascent… as he told me important… In their engineering and in everyday life he was the inventor, and therefore above the bed hung a magnet… But the creative part of its activities, the company has not considered: he had neither articles nor patents. Ruined his kindness, lack of ambition and impractical ideas …

Much later, as an adult I once asked Pavel Ivanovich to visit. He had already mentally and seriously ill with Parkinson’s disease. Knowing about my artistic activities were asked to assist the publication of articles. They turned out to be a bunch of original of fine physical texture, but the integrity and the main idea is paralyzed schizoid incoherence.

In its most refined article, “New on the flight of birds and insects” he notices that the melting point of white phosphorus with an accuracy of fractions of a degree coincides with the temperature of birds during their flight, and claims that in the process the friction of the air pen powder on the wings (which, as I later learned, really does exist) in the abundance of the contained phosphorus is easily electrified and charges the bird’s body, and the movement of this charge in the magnetic field of the Earth and provides the main lifting force of migratory birds. The article is riddled with formulas, bibliographical references, instructions – how to make a stand to check the effect, but not brought to any theoretical quantification.

My neat deletetsky doubt (a quality that the lift force seems to be necessary to cross the magnetic lines and not to fly South or Vice versa along these lines, as well as quantitative, that even the electrification of birds to 100 kV for obtaining a visible force of the ampere magnetic field is too scanty) was perceived by them as an insult. Secondly, not less exotic in the variety of physical collisions article was proposed for string musical instruments to use trees depending on the likelihood of impacts on them of atmospheric lightning. So I did not argue…

Promised material to keep and still have in their archives… Thank you for everything, Pavel Ivanovich, I am sorry I was never able to even partially pay for your kindness and generosity!..

Nowych Petr

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