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My first mined African lion

The owner of the land where you had to hunt, asked me to shoot one of the lions of the big pride, from time to time visited the territory his ranch on the Western border. The lions terrorized the workers, as they were travelling on a tractor on the way to the fields, and pursued the assistant mechanic, pump station maintenance, pump water from wells in the area of the ranch.

I must say that pride and in previous years have repeatedly attacked the building of pumping station, when there was my friend pieych with their customers-hunters. To drive away the lions from the station was only shot in the air.

Only after that people can leave the building to take guests on a transport and go home. Because of the aggressive animals, entirely lost their fear of humans and poses a serious danger, the other decided this season to build a blind on the roof of the pumphouse. And that’s why hosyn of the earth asked me to shoot one of the lions of the pride. I really wanted to help people, and I agreed.

At this time, I and my assistants carried sand from the ranch to the camp, which was built for the entire hunting season. I knew that sooner or later the lions will come back here and I will have a good opportunity to hunt. The pride consisted of eight adult females, several one year old cubs and a young male. According to the workers, the most aggressive was an old lioness. About it told my friend that there was an unpleasant incident when he failed to stop the attack on him of the lions shots over their heads, and only narrowly escaped, having to take refuge in the building of the pumping station.

Below the picture was complete, I have to tell about your car, which moved at that time, and about the only weapon the former I have in a while, when I got into the story. Now, the vehicle has served me an old diesel pickup Land Rover. The handbrake was pulled out together with the mounting foot brake slightly pressed, a single lamp barely lit the road 20 yards in front of the car.

It had no roof, side doors, and the tires were so old that could explode when hitting any twig or branch. On top of that, to start the engine, someone had to push the car and when I was single, then… well, I hope everything is clear.

Carbine, I had to have belonged to the owner of the farm. In age he was probably older than my land Rover and was about the same deplorable condition. It was a single shot bolt rifle .308 caliber with open sights.

It is a pity that now I can not remember neither the brand nor the manufacturer of the rifle. Despite this, he was putting the bullets on target when I tested it before hunting. It remains to add that the cartridges that I got were army, all-metal. In General, the equipment could not be called the best for night hunting of lions, known throughout the County swoyersville.

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That day with me were two workers from the farm. They helped to load the truck in the sand and carry him back to camp. We have already made several trips and was preparing for the last: painfully did not want to spend half the next day. And leave in the morning without sand working in the camp meant to delay the completion of construction works is for another day.

It was already so dark that, before you engage first gear, I had to light a single headlight. Forty meters, the road turned at an angle of ninety degrees, and then right before the bumper car suddenly appeared the rest of the pride. After a pause, the lions began to clear the road, disappearing in the dense Bush. I repeat: my weapon and the car left much to be desired, but the excitement prevailed, and to the dismay of my fellow travelers sitting in the open back on a pile of sand, I turned into the bushes, chasing the lions in the hope that I will be able to make a shot at one of the older lionesses of the pride.

Then I was hardly the degree of risk to which exposed himself and fellow travelers in pursuit of Bush predators on an old and unreliable car. However, I remembered that I should not turn off the car engine and get out of it, so had intended to shoot right out of the car, but it had to get close to the lions as close as possible.

The rifle had no optics, and I missed the lantern to illuminate the front sight and the rear sight. In addition, I had to drive and care for that many stumps and tree debris not punctured wheel. I raced through the dense Bush, and I didn’t have much time to catch up with pride.


Barely 120 seconds as one of the largest, old and aggressive lionesses made a fatal mistake by attacking a pickup from the only burning lamp. Photo:

The night belongs to the lions — not the person. And the lions never gave me a reason to give up their bad reputation. When I overtook them, I was surrounded by the terrible, thundering roar, deafening sound of the engine. Yes, he was heard somewhere ahead of me, and heard on all sides. I realized that a butt in a hot pan. Two workers in fear sprawled on the floor of the body, trying to hide from the view of predators and pray animals started the meal with a crazy white sitting behind the wheel.

“Maybe the poor guys are right,” thought I, when the lions began making threatening shots on my car. From all sides. Fortunately, in the pride was not a single lioness with newborn cubs. Near the empty lionesses maternal instinct is not as developed as in nursing, therefore all that was done adult of a lioness, was only a simulated attack. I only had that to keep moving and wait for the opportune moment to still produce a clean shot.

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Barely 120 seconds as one of the largest, old and aggressive lionesses made a fatal mistake by attacking a pickup from the only burning lamp. Standing on the front seat, resting his knees in the steering wheel, I prepared to shoot the light on top lights windshield. And then the lioness made her second mistake. After she made a threatening lunge at the car, she froze.

Not jumped back into the bushes, as did her other cousin, but sprawled in front of the hood, staring at me green eyes. Instead of jumping through the windshield to pounce on me, she decided to go around the truck to get close to me. It was a chance. And I was waiting for him. A shot rang out. Chest. I heard the animal grunt, and then a lion jumped to the side and mingled with the relatives, as if nothing had happened, disappeared into the night.

Haunt for pick-up night, a wounded predator is even harder than to make a kill shot. Guys by this time cheered up somewhat and, standing in the back, telling me where to go on a blood trail. Fortunately, to travel far was not necessary.

Soon we found our beautiful lifeless. However, beside her were her sisters, and they, our company had obviously not liked. They continued their attacks on the truck, and I had to fire a few rounds over their heads, and then just press the gas pedal, the engine almost exploded from the strain. To our relief, it worked, and the beasts retreated. I filed forward to “my” lioness appeared at the tailgate of a pickup truck and we can load it into the truck. But…

Together try to raise and throw in a pick-up 300-pound carcass! Believe me, it’s not easy. Because on me fell the task to protect our team from possible predators, I was only able to give the boys moral support. I have not looked back and not seen nothing, however, could imagine how they jumped out the truck and threw a huge lioness in the back like she weighed 50 pounds.

It was, of course, adrenaline shock, stress, mixed with a night terror and my cheer, the primary meaning of which was: “If you guys wait, lions will kill us”.

As soon as the lioness was in the truck, and the boys landed on the sand, we rushed to the ranch. All the way, we shouted, interrupting each other, telling ourselves a story that happened to us a minute ago. We did not stop for a minute. After about an hour, the boys suddenly asked me to stop. It turns out that their shoes were full of sharp thorns, but the pain of their thorns, they are not felt, being in a stressful condition. Well that’s how the human body.

As for me, the first Leo showed me how can change its behavior in relation to the person after nightfall. It was a good lesson, and I remember it for life.

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