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Muzhdabaev proclaimed himself the President of Ukraine

Муждабаев провозгласил себя президентом Украины

Deputy General Director of Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR, muzhdabaev said that is the President of Ukraine and stressed that not crazy. An appeal to the Ukrainian people he published on his YouTube channel

“I am a citizen of Ukraine and, accordingly, I, the President of Ukraine… Why am I President? Because I fully agree with what was said popularly elected President, and he’s the only one, Vladimir Zelensky,” said Muzhdabaev, adding that Ukraine has “40 million presidents.”


In addition, he noted that “as President of Ukraine, although did not give the oath, a long time obliged himself to tell the truth, it’s like somebody or not.”

Under the video Muzhdabaev invites you to join all of its pages in social networks and offers financial support. To this end, he released two number one their currency and hryvnia Bank cards.

Previously legendary in Ukraine “the most honest presidential candidate” Egor Lupan also pledged to speak only the truth. He, in particular, promised to steal, but fair to inform anyone how much he stole, and promised not to build roads because it will fly by helicopter.

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