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Mutiny on the ship

Бунт на корабле

Do you remember when the Russian Minister the last time you took responsibility? The main purpose of our officer — private status.

Right after all was the best and most talented poet of our era Mayakovsky, when he called officials “prozasedavshiesya”. Decades have passed but nothing has changed. Apparently, genes. Homo bureaucratics. It is unclear when they work as guide the process. Not manage to finish one economic forum, as the next one begins. One week — Vladivostok, Sochi, Moscow…

To justify the presence on events, Ministers and capitalists to stump the audience with outrageous statements. The public has digested the revelation in Primorye, the same as the speakers migrated to Moscow in the financial forum and entering into the taste, continued to rant and rave. It is so contrary to the rules of restraint officials that need to understand why the Russian elite has gone viral.

For example, speaking at the forum, a proposal was made to cancel the taxes on the poor by creating the non-taxable minimum income. Hitherto the power used to solve fiscal problems, inventing ever new tricks on the part of the rates, fees and penalties, which obkladyvaet citizens as the huntsman in hunting the beasts carried red flags. The poor more, but taxes are stricter and tighter. Where is the thinking?

We know that the West fell into a stage of moral decay. In France, where the rage of the “yellow jackets”, not taxable income of 5 thousand euros per year (approximately 30 thousand rubles per month). If someone has 10 thousand euros, the tax is only 5.5%. Russian 13% tax paid by citoyen with an income of 1600 euros per month (about 113 thousand). In the US, spare those who were able to scrape together 10 thousand dollars a year (about 53 thousand rubles per month). Even in China, there is the income level at which the state leaves alone a person.

Russia remains the only major countries where you do not wish to humiliate the poor disgusting pity. On the contrary, a progressive tax scale with a rich, long accepted in developed countries, in Russia remains a taboo topic for discussion. At least in taxes, the poor can feel rich on an equal footing.

The proposal to abolish taxes for the poor caused a rebuke from the first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov. He strictly said that it’s a risky idea, because oil prices might fall and we just started to live a normal life in a stable system. Important statement: real incomes are falling for six years, the economy is marking time, but the officials that make up the pride of Russian economic thought, filled with joy and believe that we live normally and steadily. It is possible to make a prediction that we will continue to tighten their belts. Still, the forums could be helpful. What would be receptions, there is not rattled, the audience they are sober.

But it’s flowers. Berries put the head of Sberbank German Gref, who questioned national projects and stated that they will not give the expected result. Blame the national projects is like a Jew to question the Tablets of the Covenant. This has not allowed himself one of the elect, and Gref is a stone left. To plant straw, he called on allies Kudrin, who, as the last intellectual, allows himself a cautious skepticism, but open opposition is still not up.

There is still Chubais, who has long preferred to stay safe in the shade, with a hint of subtle trolling is reported that in Russia created a wonderful credit system, the best fiscal policy, the tax office just Shine, inflation is pinned to the nail. One is not enough — there is no growth. Why? Because, says the head of RUSNANO, we simultaneously click on two pedals. On the economic gas pedal and the brake pedal is law enforcement. Obviously, the second pedal presses Russia stronger.

It is worth Recalling that in the summer at the St. Petersburg economic forum survey among business people showed that 78 percent do not believe that the national projects will take the Russian economy on the growth above the world level. But the businessman is by nature obligated to be optimistic, as the doctor should be healthy. But in Russia, 20 percent of entrepreneurs feel completely vulnerable to the arbitrariness of power structures.

And let first Deputy Prime Minister enthusiastically suggests that the state is making enormous efforts to support small and medium businesses and implement the national projects. However, the reality belies the promise. In 2018 to administrative responsibility were involved in every fourth entrepreneur. The amount of the fines amounted to 200 billion rubles. It is three football world Cup. How many businesses burned and sank, statistics yet.

Mutiny on the ship? How is it possible with a long tenure in the team when every cog needs to get used to the next? The captain is silent and watches as the crew tearing apart the written law. Obviously, the crew has no course and each on a slippery deck tries to climb the mast and declare that he sees the earth. Although, I suppose the last thing he wants to believe him and handed the helm.

Responsibility is a curse. Do you remember when the Russian Minister the last time you took responsibility? Today the official result of under activities understand their own status. On the eve of the transit of power in the special price of the art of being a soul in the cockpit, not the ability to control the sails.

We laugh at human resources kaleidoscope of Western governments and believe that the achievement of Russian personnel stability. However, it turns out to be a lack of competition and a decrease in competences in the government. The crisis in Russia has become a permanent phenomenon of global warming. And interestingly, each Minister can just be heard. Educated, intelligent speech. Every forum are all literate, smarter.

You can enjoy, found yourself people. The country is at risk of losing, but who to ask them?

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