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Mutilated by a plastic surgeon Sasha Project got 2.2 million rubles


In the beginning the singer Sasha Project (real name — Sasha Ginsburg) bathed in the glory of her hits have topped the radio ratings, men are called a sex symbol, and women wanted to have the same appearance. Suddenly, however, the star disappeared from sight, never recorded songs and never saw the light of day.

Two years ago, it turned out that all this time, Alex was fighting for his health. Once the singer turned to the doctor with a problem breathing. It turned out that the star needed an emergency operation. To maintain the shape of the nose, invited cosmetologist, who also advised Sasha enlarge Breasts that have lost shape after childbirth, and to put the implant in the chin.



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Then the artist had problems with self-esteem, and she agreed to the suggestion of the surgeon. After surgery, the star has become easier, but not for long: she began to choke during sleep, the nose began to lose form and fail, and the chin was rough. Sasha had again and again to lie on the operating table to correct the deficiencies. At one point the singer’s life was on the line. To save Sasha could another surgeon, because of him she can breathe, but the appearance of the actress has changed beyond recognition.

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For 4 long years, the singer pleaded with the surgeon who installed it is already used in breast implants. All this time he regularly attended the court session and again went under the knife to correct their appearance. Star wanted to get from the surgeon who mutilated her, 4 million rubles.

However, two years ago the court ordered the clinic where it happened, to pay 90 thousand to Sasha. Then the singer has filed an appeal and has now become a well-known result. Surgeon ordered to pay the girl another 2.2 million rubles.

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“The Prosecutor and the court were put forward that the truth is on our side. I hope that this nightmare will finally end. The money will go to fix all the flaws and injuries, which caused Sasha. In the process of examination revealed that she had to remove implants from the breast because they can at any time burst. She did a repair operation after twice inserted an implant in the chin, so now she can start to fall out teeth. Sasha also need to alter and nose. Came a beautiful girl, she has changed beyond recognition. She goes to mirror and sees someone else’s face. Not only that, it’s not her, so it still disfigured by scars, failures, inflammations and bruises. Sasha’s breast implants were reused, and this was confirmed by the manufacturer. Our history lesson for all,” said the mother of the actress in an interview Life.ru.

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