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Musk “talked” with a known hacker with cipher

Маск "пообщался" с известным хакером при помощи шифраThe head of the companies SpaseX Tesla and Elon Musk talked with one of the world’s most famous hacker Kevin Mitnick with the help of the cipher.

The dialog is available on Twitter.

Musk arrived at the prestigious conference of hackers, DefCon, which took place from 9 to 12 August in Las Vegas. On his page he left a message-greeting “Hackers say that?” to other visitors, written basic code with omitting vowels.

Mitnick was also present at DefCon, but he was unable to meet with the CEO of Tesla, as the latter too early left the conference. It was clear from the correspondence of the celebrities that have been encoded with a simple cipher.

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“Hey Elon, you’re DefCon?” asked Mitnick in 20 minutes after the businessman shook hands with the visitors. In his message, the hacker replaced some letters with numbers.

“I was. I’m sorry I met you,” said Musk, encrypting your message using the numbers that correspond to ASCII characters. Then Mitnick wrote that he hopes to see you soon.

Kevin Mitnick is one of the most dangerous hackers of the late twentieth century. For the first time, he was sentenced to three months in prison for information theft in the amount of 170 thousand dollars during the burglary of the offices of the company Cosmos Corporation Pacific Bell. Six months in juvenile hall, he held over computer hacking of the University of southern California, which hacked into the Pentagon.

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In 1991 journalist for the New York Times called him “the world’s most famous hacker” and later became famous thanks to the materials about the intruder. He was in prison for five years for numerous break-ins and attacks, but no one was able to prove that he used the stolen information to harm. He later retrained in one of the most famous specialists in the fight against cybercrime.

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