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Musk spoke about the journey to Mars

Маск рассказал о путешествии к МарсуThe head of SpaceX shared his plans about the colonization of Mars.

Head of SpaceX Elon Musk speech in Adelaide spoke about his new BFR rocket and plans to fly to Mars.

According to the Mask, the first flight to Mars will take place in 2022. The company plans to send to the Red planet two of their new missiles BFR.

First flight of heavy missiles will be unmanned, it is necessary to identify safe locations for landing of manned spacecraft, and also for exploration of mineral deposits and water. And in 2024, BFR (Big F Rocket) will go to Mars with the crew. The objective of the first people on Mars will be the creation of bases and “filling stations for future missiles.”

The presentation Musk said that the BFR will receive 825 cubic meters of internal space, divided into 40 cabins and large common areas, warehouse, galley and shelter from solar storms. The length of the ship will be 48 meters, useful weight – 85 tons. The device will bear his 1100 tons of fuel. It will be the biggest rocket ever built by mankind.

The fuel tank of the new rocket holds 240 tonnes of methane and oxygen tank will contain 860 tons of liquid O2. To refuel rockets will have to use Martian resources for production which is designed by the first expedition.

Fuel tanks for the first flight will be fueled in orbit around the Earth.

Musk touched on the issue of financing the BFR rocket. According to him, the main profit of the company Space X will bring the launch of satellites and transporting crews to the ISS. The profits from these runs will help pay for work on a Big Rocket.

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