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Musk is trying to “squeeze out” Russia from space market – Roscosmos

Маск пытается "выдавить" Россию из космического рынка - РоскосмосMask accused of unfair competition.

According to the head of Roscosmos, SpaceX carries out dumping on the market launches into space to squeeze with him to Russia. Rogozin pointed out that Russia can not compete in these conditions.

The General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin, accused the head of the American company SpaceX Elon musk, in dumping on the market launches into space with the purpose to squeeze out of this market in Russia. “If you look at what price he sells “Falcon” the Pentagon and how it goes on the market, you will see a clean dumping. In order to squeeze Russia from the market, he sells the launches from 40 to 50, sometimes 50 to 60 million dollars”, – said Rogozin in the program “the Big game” on “the First channel” on Monday evening, October 1.

Thus, according to Rogozin, the Musk gets from the Pentagon about 150 million dollars for each start-up. “He underpaid so he went to the market with a cheap product,” – said the head of Roscosmos. He acknowledged that in such conditions Russia will not be able to compete. Roscosmos could not claim from Ministry of defence price for start, which will be 3 – 5 times more expensive, said Rogozin, adding that this game will be unfair.

However, the head of Roscosmos promised that in the near future, Russia will again lead the market launches of payloads into space boosters. According to him, next year Russia will hold a second launch heavy rocket “Angara”, and in 2021 they will start serial production. “We’ll be back and will be again, I promise you,” – said Rogozin.

In June, SpaceX signed a contract with the Center of cosmic and missile systems U.S. air force in the amount of $ 130 million. Company Mask needs to launch a secret military satellite with the help of heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. The first test launch of the Falcon Heavy was held in early February. Then the rocket orbited a red Tesla Roadster electric car, at the wheel which sits a doll in a futuristic suit.

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