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Musk “inhaled” marijuana live American show

Маск "затянулся" марихуаной в прямом эфире американского шоуDuring a 2.5-hour conversation, he smoked marijuana and drank whiskey.

Elon Musk was the guest of podcast host Joe Rogan.

Businessman Elon Musk has used marijuana live during the podcast Joe Rogan Experience.

The billionaire tried a drug during the conversation with the American comic and TV presenter Joe Rohan. After the CEO of Tesla drank whiskey with ice, noting that alcohol is also a drug.

The interviewer asked the Mask, if he did it before. The businessman replied in the affirmative. “Yes, I think that once tried,” said he.

Rogan suggested that Musk can’t afford to use drugs due to shareholders to which he replied that this is entirely legal.

By the way, in California the use of marijuana for recreational purposes legally. The relevant law entered into force on 1 January 2018.

As follows from the data of the German stock exchange Tradegate Exchange, shares of the world’s largest manufacturer of electric Tesla fell 4 percent after news that Elon Musk has used marijuana live entertainment shows.

At the time of publication of paper Tesla cost 238,79 euros apiece. At the opening of trading quotes of the shares was equal to 247 euros, the lower limit for the session was equal to 237,35 euros apiece. Thus, Tesla’s shares on 7 September fell by four percent, but I sort of played the fall.

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