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Murder in the river: at the funeral killed the woman

Убийство в Днепре: на поминках зарезали женщинуOn the woman’s body counted 17 stab wounds.

A Wake in the river at the dead husband turned into a bloody tragedy for his wife. Stabbed her roommate in the same day, apparently, he drank too much.

About the murder of women became known on 8 February from neighbors. They found in the yard of a private house, the bloodied body of a woman. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The coroner found that the woman died from multiple stab wounds. Her face, neck, arms were all cut up. Just on the body the law enforcement officers counted 17 stab wounds.

It turned out that the woman stabbed her roommate. Behind 45-year-old woman already had a criminal record.

She explained that she came to her neighbor in order to commemorate her husband. After the women drank a lot of vodka, they started to quarrel.

Lady decided to kick out a roommate, but she got very angry and grabbed from a table a kitchen knife. Women came out of the house, continuing to fight, when suddenly a drunken guest began to cut the neighbor with a knife.

Rugged and bloodied woman fell to the ground, and the attackers then left the courtyard, leaving the victim to die on the street.

Soon after, she died. Neighbours found the lifeless body of a woman.

The woman is threatened by punishment in the form of imprisonment from 7 to 15 years.

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