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Multifunction device from Speedlink will free up space and decorate Desk

Surely almost all professional and not very gamers are faced with the problem of lack of space on the table: gaming keyboards, mousepads and headphones take up very much useful space. Fortunately, engineers are not sitting idle, and not so long ago, a variety of shops there were special stands for headset. At the same time, many manufacturers do not think much about the functional fullness of such devices by selling, in fact, the hook on the stand for 1000-2000 rubles, which will agree, not very nice. But there are pleasant exceptions. One of them is a stand Speedlink Estrado. Let, she is 1,000 rubles more expensive, but in the kit you get an external sound card and USB hub into a single stylish package. Agree, to use this thing far more interesting than a simple hook on the leg.

Comes this Combi-device in a small flat box, which is neatly Packed in a foam rest three parts: the round base, which hides all the most interesting metal hook-holder and USB cable USB. Also, if you dig inside, you can find the documentation set. The gadget is black and white colors.

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The holder has a disk shape with a diameter of 10 cm, made of plastic with metal top surface. It consists of two halves, fastened together, so if you want, you can take them down. The top is a blue led, bottom – groove for hooks and four round feet that prevent slipping. The contour located 4 USB, 2 audio jacks and a button that allows you to disable the sound card if desired.

The hook is a bent from two sides of the metal plate with two small brackets for the coiling of wire. At one end it is inserted into the groove until it clicks, and now it no available mechanisms not to pull out. Construction height 27 mm. on Top of it hung overhead or headphones and it is just fine but the stand does not lose stability. In principle, the device can be used, but fully functional will be revealed only if you connect the drive to your computer via the USB cable (length 90cm): there is specifically provided a single, stand-alone connector for this purpose.

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Now, the function of “hook” adds three USB ports, which work fine at the same time, and will fit not only for connecting external drives, but, say, a keyboard. Moreover, now no need to stretch wires to the connectors of the sound card on the back of the case: you can connect them directly to the base of the stand. Of course, expect to professional sound card inside, is not necessary, but the playback quality, it is definitely not worse than embedded solutions, and for most ears, the difference will not be noticeable and the top boards. Build quality is not in doubt: no backlash and squeaks.

Speedlink Estrado perfectly fulfills its function: frees the place from the headphones, stylish looks, decorating the Desk, adds 3 additional USB ports and onboard sound card is enough for high quality music playback. And with all these advantages, the device is very affordable 3000 rubles.

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