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“MP” Yashin raped brain yard drunk Kolyan

«Народный депутат» Яшин изнасиловал мозг дворовому алкашу Коляну

Ridiculous and pathetic this “MP” Yashin. Forever in some cases gets, gay fights, it appears in the company of misfits. Clearly, its already all jacked up, now goes in search of a new electorate. However, it looks very shabby.

In the Internet appeared the video, where Yashin encourages drunken man, who, judging by the face, not really understand what is happening, to vote for “Open Russia”. And the Deputy is trying all means to convince the poor guy that he his, he is also from the people. Moreover, the reaction of the alcoholic in the form of the two phrases describes the whole situation in General.

“I don’t know you, who are you anyway” and “You’re not the brains of the f*and”. Exactly has responded to the boozer. Not surprising, since Yashin your pathetic posturing managed.**uate all the brains. I think that’s a reason to think, even if you already all sorts of homeless-looking characters you did not put that in.

And drunks, apparently, is a favourite social group, for Yashin. In April, he was also seen in the company of admirers of alcoholic beverages. However, when he tried to mow the fighter against alcohol. Wearing gloves, to avoid soiling their disgust ruchenki, the MP withdrew simulated roller with two buhariki.

Would-be MP so carefully chose camera angles to all of his viewers watch his every move. But that’s not it, and the fact that yesterday Yashin were selected bottles of alcoholics, and today sits with them in an embrace and begs to take his pamphlet, although he openly stated that the elections they nagazheno.

A couple of miserable stock and Yashin will sit and drink vodka in the courtyard. However, all this will end much worse. Over-Magnus*, him getting it, most likely, his new friends-drinking companions just cut.

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