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MP Sobolev reacted sharply to the accusations of Matios

Нардеп Соболев резко отреагировал на обвинения МатиосаThe chief military Prosecutor accused the MP of forgery.

Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios decided to accuse the Deputy Yegor Sobolev in that its military had detected the forgery. And almost attributed to the MP cooperation with Russian intelligence services.

Your answer Yegor Sobolev posted in Facebook.

All day calling journalists to comment on statements Arsen Avakov and Anatoly Matios on the “terrible” facts of my biography. Because as a politician I must respond to citizens on any questions regarding my actions, my life, my views (and they are being questioned not just citizens, and the Minister of internal Affairs and the main military Prosecutor), explain in detail: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. About the name change. My father died when I was two years old. His name was Anatoly Zimin. When I was seven, my mother re-married Victor Sobolev. He legally adopted me and became a real father, whose work ethic I try to emulate. As was the custom in those days, the name changed to me. Arsen Avakov, by the way, all it knows. He told me in the spring of 2015 that he was instructed to check my passport, he said with a laugh: “unfortunately, any violations could not be found”.

2. On “falsification” of the military personal Affairs. I thought that was referring to Anatoly Matios, when said broadcast Tatiana Danilenko, in this case “for two or three years before the war, was amended by falsifying the military accounts of the case, where it was written “military journalist””. Searched the papers, found the document that I was given while on account of me posing in my recruiting office of the Shevchenkovsky district of Kiev in 2005. I then asked what I can do, I said that with 18 years of work as a journalist. As a result, as can be seen from the record, I wrote “computer Operator”. I think it stands for “electronic computer”. 12 years ago the ability to work on your computer has not yet become the norm. Where is “military journalist” and why it’s bad, I did not understand.

I’m afraid to this level of “revelations” the Minister of internal Affairs and the main military Prosecutor reached, because then there is no way to justify maintaining such a large number of werewolves and the true traitors of Ukraine in the police and Armed forces. The story of Yuri Gulubane only the latest of many such stories. Although, perhaps, the most eloquent.

Therefore, we will continue to demand to investigate it to the end.

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