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Movies stolen in the USSR

Фильмы, украденные в СССР

So, friends — today will be an interesting post about how the USSR stole the idea of the movies. I already wrote a large and interesting posts about how the USSR stole the design and technologyabout how the USSR stole tales is a post about plagiarism in Soviet music — and today will be a continuation of the topic — about how in the USSR, borrowed, and sometimes stole the plot of the film — the topic is very interesting and requires deeper research)

Where did plagiarism in Soviet art and why it flourished? All the years of its existence the USSR was a closed country, 95% of the population were cut off from the world of contemporary art and culture — about Western countries, people were told only that live there affected the workers and peasants, dreams of communism. The Soviet Directors and composers quite a went on tour in foreign countries, where they had access to Western music and movies, where he gained new ideas for creativity.

So, today’s post is a big and interesting story about borrowing and plagiarism in Soviet films. Make sure you check out the article below, write in the comments your opinion, well to friends to add do not forget) And telegram channel also subscribe.

01. Prisoner of the Caucasus, 1966 and the Song of the swindler, 1930.

In 1966 on the screens of Soviet cinema comes the Comedy of Leonid Gaidai’s “kidnapping, Caucasian style” — the film turned out funny and fun, then I say without irony, really like. And all anything, Yes here is a colorful trio played Vicinum, Nikulin and Morgunov, it is very much like the heroes of the American film “Song of the swindler”, filmed in 1930.

Similar was and the plot of the film — in “the Song of crook,” the action takes place in the Russian Caucasus in 1910, where Russian gangster Egor fell in love with the Princess Faith decides to kidnap her, and his associates become partners Ali-Bek and Murza-Bek — together the trio involved in all sorts of funny scenes, and the film has musical numbers.

However, this is the case, I would consider not plagiarism, and to “soft loans”, which often happens in art — Gaidai obviously watched “the Song cheater” and borrowed out some good moves and images, creating eventually something of their own. Gaidai I actually really like and think that his films many years later will be studied as “soft trolling” scoop, which passed the censorship of those years:)

Фильмы, украденные в СССР

02. The diamond arm, 1968 and strike first, Freddy, 1965.

Another example of borrowing from Leonid Gaidai — Danish film was shot three years before “the diamond arm” and tells of the hilarious adventures of men, descended from the ship and captured the spy group that took him for a secret agent. In fact the main character just seller entertainment toys, with which he is fooling spies.

Some of the storyline of the movie “strike first, Freddy” strongly resonate with gaydaevskih — ship, bandits, pigeon, Canary, a bandit by the name of Colic (Gaidai — Lelik), phrases like “the Chef will be unhappy,” fun toys like a Jack in the box (in Nikulin), a fight in the garage at the end, etc. Here, rather, is not quite plagiarism but borrowing from Gaidai very much, even some of the scenes are similar.

Фильмы, украденные в СССР

By the way did also clearly watched this movie because of the background music themes from “Brilliant hands” on the atmosphere and mood are strongly reminiscent of the theme of “strike first, Freddy”, listen:

03. Heart of a dog, 1975, Dog’s heart, 1987.

The second film in the title is of course a well-known film Bortko, which became classics and pillaged on gifs and memes with Professor Preobrazhensky and Sharikov. Few people know that sometimes adaptation is strongly reminiscent of the earlier movie is a joint Italian-German film adaptation of “heart of a Dog”, filmed in 1975 (premiere in 1976).

Some scenes in his film Bortko borrowed from the “heart of a Dog”, 1975, seem and color movie — butkovska black and white “Sepia” is strongly reminiscent of the brownish range of Italian-German film.

However, in the old Italian-German film adaptation full of blunders that make the film a bit ridiculous makeup in the style of the 1970s, the Communists of the twenties, model haircuts have commissioners, a Russian cook in a German folk costume — to watch this without laughing is impossible)

Фильмы, украденные в СССР

04. Irony of fate, 1975 and the Apartment, 1960.

You will laugh — but even the film “Irony of fate or with light steam” — an analysis which I did here in this post (I recommend reading) has a clone of the prototype in the West — what I learned quite recently. “Irony of fate” was filmed Ryazanov in 1975 on a play written in 1969, but almost ten years earlier (in 1960) in the United States was a film called “the Apartment”, a story in which one-to-one is similar to “the Irony”.

Judge for yourself — modest and nezametny laborer bad (prototype surgeon Lukashin) lives in a small bachelor flat, which sometimes rents daily rental. Bad is trying to Woo Elevator operator named Fran who is in no hurry to have a relationship with him, having a secret romn with Jeff Sheldrake, a Director of the company.

Once, on Christmas eve, Bud returns home and discovers Fran in his apartment on the bed in an unconscious condition — it turned out that Fran spent time with Jeff in the apartment, Bud. Revolves around the apartment and the whole plot of the film — bad entertains Fran talking and playing cards, at the end of the film Fran, remembered it was about “good and positive” <s>Hippolyte</s> Jeff, in the end, goes to the humble laborer <s>his Wife</s> Bud.

In General, the plot of the film is very similar to ryazanovskoe “Irony of fate” — just adapted to Soviet realities.

Фильмы, украденные в СССР

Such cases.

Write in the comments what you all think, well, maybe some more puzzles will throw up)

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