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Mountain-thieves fell into the hands of the cops twice trying to Rob a store

Горе-воришки попали в руки копам, дважды пытаясь ограбить магазинThe worst robbers of Belgium.

A gang of robbers enters the store. The owner asks them to come back later when he has more money, and when they come back …

This seems like a joke, but for the owner of shop of electronic cigarettes in Belgium it was a terrible reality.

Six unknown day entered the store Didier in the suburbs of Charleroi, intending to Rob it.

The seller told them to return at the end of the day when he will be able to give them more money. As a result, would-be robbers were in the hands of justice.

“It was like a Comedy, – he told the BBC by phone. – They are now called the worst robbers of Belgium”.

The store owner said that for 14 long minutes, he tried to make friends with the thieves.

“They were a little potolkalis me,’ said Didier. – I didn’t give them anything, but said if they come back later, you have collected two or three thousand euros”.

Gang buying into his bluff and left.

“When I called the police, there is not believed that the burglars will return.”

But at 17:30 they did return, an hour before the store closes. Didier told local media that he saw one of the robbers in the doorway and told him that it wasn’t closing time.

When the men came back a third time, 18:30, the police hid in the back of the store and were ready to detain them.

In total, the police detained five men, including one minor.

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