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Motorists from a neighboring country complicate the purchase of cars

Автолюбителям из соседней страны усложнят покупку машин Buy a car in Belarus will be possible only by Bank transfer.

In Belarus seriously consider the prohibition of the purchase of cars for cash, there will be only Bank transfer. The relevant presidential decree has already been passed for public discussion.

The developer of this innovation by the Ministry of Antimonopoly regulation and trade. And it all started with a few high-profile criminal cases with the participation of Belarusian avtobusov. In particular, some time ago, five employees of avtokhauz “Autocompression” were convicted of fraud several hundred car owners.

Attackers sold the car, but the money to their former owners passed on and appropriated. Ingoda new cars sold it as used. The founder of this avtokhauz was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment with confiscation of property.

Besides, in Belarus in the recent cases of selling stolen cars on false documents.

It is assumed that non-cash payment for purchase/sale of the automotive will make the business transparent, clear it out of the shadows. And, of course, the state in this case will be able to control the process of selling cars, getting in the budget of all the money owed.

The corresponding presidential decree presented for public discussion. It is very likely that it will enter into force, albeit with some minor amendments.

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