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Motorists bombed a Land Rover from the tank

Автолюбители разбомбили Land Rover из танкаGun made gun and the M60 tank.

Fans povzryvat with project FullMag decided to smash apart the old Land Rover Discovery and remove the process in slow-mo. Instruments of labor made the M60 tank and large-caliber recoilless gun.

Note that the car was still on the go before a shell fired from a tank gun smashed to smithereens the entire front part. The footage after the shot, it is seen that the projectile went straight into the engine and literally split him apart.

With a recoilless gun extreme has been quite tricky. This recoilless gun is called, because it is not rolled back by the force of recoil as a conventional gun. Special venting mechanism holds the instrument in place.

And under the jet of these gases was delivered the car. The gas pressure was so great that the car in the blink of an eye turned into a crumpled pile of metal and plastic. In the cabin visible to rags deployed airbags.

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