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Motorists are preparing new surprises

Автовладельцам готовят новые неприятные сюрпризыOver the last two years of the accident claimed five and a half thousand lives

12 years in prison for fatal outcome, the maximum speed of driving in the city is 50 kilometers per hour and heavy fines. The Cabinet took up the safety on the roads. Have developed a new system of penalties for violators.

15 dead every day, 90 wounded at a peaceful Ukrainian roads. Over the last two years of the accident claimed five and a half thousand lives.

Kharkiv accident shook the entire country. “Lexus” at high speed flew into a pedestrian area. Six of the victims.

People are accustomed to impunity and therefore violate. Louts on the road so angered the officials that they have developed a system of penalties for those not riding, and flying.

To go so the city will now become expensive. Officials want to reduce the speed limit in the locality of 60 miles per hour to 50. Who want faster you will have to pay a penalty of nearly three and a half thousand hryvnia.

The same amount will cost leaving the scene of an accident. Up to 10 thousand will raise the penalty for the driver who has their license revoked, but he still goes. Someone drunk knocked a man will be put, and right to take.

The speed limit situation will not improve, only add to congestion – sure of the Union for the protection of pedestrians. And in addition to the fines that need infrastructure solutions – convenient interchanges, road signs and lighting. For example, at a crossroads in Kharkiv, where the tragedy occurred – there is no stop line.

The fines will increase, and will increase the risk to bribe a police officer on the spot. New rules are not bypassed as the present, I propose to introduce video.

It is not clear yet whether the camera recognizes the face of the offender and how to be – if letters will come to him who wasn’t driving. All changes deputies will consider in December.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has established the issuance of the first identity to novice drivers for a period of 2 years, with the exchange constant in the Commission not more than two violations.

We will remind, the Ministry of justice of Ukraine has proposed to toughen the penalties for failure to pay child support: to deprive of the driving license.

In addition, Ukraine is going to significantly increase the punishment for violation of traffic Rules. Authorities initiate a 20-fold increase in the fine for driving without a license and two-year probationary period for novice drivers. The experts believe that the issuance of new rights only two years carries significant risks of corruption.

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