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Motorist have altered the old Opel in a buggy

Автолюбитель переделал старый Opel в баггиBelarusians have created a vehicle designed for off-road driving.

Alex said, where did the idea to assemble such a vehicle, how it took time and where he rides.

Abramovich is keen on cars and motorcycles since childhood: being in the third grade, he helped his father in the garage. Behind the wheel and Alex sat down a bit early to school, he “saddled” the moped was later transferred to the motorcycle, and after coming of age behind the wheel of a car. Now the machine for Alexei is a profession (he works as a mechanic for car repair), and Hobbies.

Just repair has become boring, I wanted something more. And then I decided for my first alteration – of the motorcycle “IZH” did the Quad bike, he says.

Quad Biking, according to the man, gives him a sense of freedom. Plus the crank, which is, says Alex, is sometimes not enough. The only negative thing: riding a Quad – traumatic.

Once Alex along with his son were riding the ATV at the track motocross in the southern district. On the next slide, says the citizen, they are so planted that they resisted the urge on the seats. After that, Alex decided to build your first buggy – lightweight double a car to drive on the road.

For me buggy is relatively safe ATV, with seatbelts and body. The thrill of riding about the same, but you can not worry that on any hill you throw – he explains.

My first buggy Alex created the images that I saw on the Internet.

– I had no idea how to do for what to take. But the eyes are afraid, and hands do, ‘ he says.

Current buggy, created on the basis of Opel Omega 1988 release, for the third. The previous Alex was sold. Opel bought in winter for $200.

– I specifically picked a car that meets the necessary specifications that the main components remained “family.” And so it happened – the engine, gearbox and part of the suspension I have not touched, – says Alexey.

He completely changed the body. Him Alex, welded water pipes, and the top closed tent on the straps. Such a body, says the citizen, there are a number of advantages. First, if you need some parts to get enough to trim the clips. Second, with this body the car gets light. And thirdly, tarpaulin is easy to clean the dirt that remains after off-road driving.

The machine was taller, Alex had replaced the tires. Alteration Opel Alexei helped 18-year-old son. The work took about six months.

– I was in the garage for days and involved the creation of a buggy on weekends and after work. Good wife to such a hobby does not have anything against. She’s not a fan of these cars, but believes that it is better I’ll be in the garage with the car, than somewhere, with a smile says Alex.

Buggy Alexei accelerates to 120 km/h but on highways this car can not go. ‘ve ridden on a motocross track, but now there are prohibited to ride. Therefore, when there is a desire to once again feel the freedom and adrenaline rush, Alex goes on a field road.

– The most important thing in riding is safety. After quads I’m doing in a buggy, five-point safety belts and ride only with a helmet and special glasses. This applies to passengers, he said.

According to Alexei, a buggy car for everybody. There are those who ride once more to sit up in the buggy is not at risk. And this is understandable: the car is not created for calm walks.

I’m more kicks in the moment of creation buggy than when riding. It is interesting to develop a model and then observe how the idea becomes reality. And a ride on the result of their work it is pleasant to me, – says Alexei Abramovich.

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