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Mother, son and the Ghost: in the United States published a unique photo

Мать, сын и призрак: в США опубликовали уникальное фото When you create a snapshot, the Americans did not even know that it will be.

Representatives of the American Internet-radio “Midnight in the desert” dedicated to supernatural phenomena, published a picture of one of his listeners.

A woman living in San Diego, California, claims that she and her son accidentally took a picture with a guest from another world. This happened a few days ago at the Museum of the history of the “Whaley House”, where our heroine went along with her offspring.

In the below shot you can see the American woman and her son. They stand near the window, beyond which rises a sinister silhouette. He looks suspiciously like a woman with long dark hair, floating in the air. No hands, no feet, she cannot be seen – only the bright robes and face-covering hair.

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Interestingly, some of these ghosts are ubiquitous in the Japanese horror films. Maybe someone just decided to play a trick on travelers and hung on the window a white dress with a wig? Or is it really someone’s phantom, accidentally caught in the camera lens?

It is noteworthy that neither mother and son nor the photographer did not notice anything unusual then. And if a woman with a teenager was drawn to the window backs, taking pictures of their people, certainly had something to see. Only after returning home, the tourists with surprise and fright noticed this silhouette on one of the received at the Museum images. The incident still smacks of pure mysticism, isn’t it?

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And this family does not have the slightest doubt that met with something paranormal. That’s why the mother and son then shared a mysterious picture from the Internet radio “Midnight in the desert,” and through him with numerous Internet users who are interested in this topic.

Мать, сын и призрак: в США опубликовали уникальное фото

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