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Mother-in-law found a sophisticated way to “take revenge” careless daughter-in-law

Свекровь нашла изощренный способ «отомстить» нерадивой невесткеInternet users felt sorry for the girl.

The relationship of daughters and mothers-in-law can be very difficult, but the woman who shared his story online, really scared by the act of the mother’s husband.

The stranger, who told about the event under the name “CountryMarch”, said that it all started with the usual General cleaning in the house. Going through old boxes, she found the disc, signed by the hand of his mother. The inscription reads that on the drive there are the photos of the wedding of Ben (that is, son-in-law and wife CountryMarch). However, when our heroine is intrigued by the drive that she had never seen, was his view, she was a bit creepy. The fact that it was really the photos from her wedding, but just her on them. The pictures were obviously done by a professional, and the angles were chosen so well that on each of the photos the bride was cut. Woman hate to think that mother-in-law purposely hired someone to make a whole selection of photos beloved son would be one at my own wedding, and the bride remained behind the scenes.

Husband of our heroine just laughed it off and advised her not to pay attention to my mother’s quirks. Internet users posochustvoval CountryMarch agree with her husband only partially – now, years later after the wedding, of course, it’s too late to do this, but pay attention to the quirks it’s worth, because you never know what will come mother-in-law in the head next time?

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