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Most women regret abortion

Большинство женщин жалеет об абортеThe vast majority of women who have gone through abortions said that their life was no better. To such conclusion the American researchers.

Sociologists from the USA questioned a significant number of women who have gone through abortion. All of them asked the question about how to improve their lives after the decision to terminate the pregnancy.

54% of survey participants said that after an abortion their life is not better. Of these, approximately 32% of women found no significant positive change, while 22% did not respond to this question.

Overall, the researchers asked the opinion of 987 women aged 20 to 72 years. Most financial situation was somewhat above average, 76% were married. Many of the respondents were well educated, 41% received a bachelor’s degree, and only 2% of women had not graduated from high school.

Approximately 60% of women said that had an abortion to please someone else, 75% decided on it because of pressure from other people, and 30% had an abortion for fear of losing a partner who never wanted to have children.

50% believe that remote from the body of the fetus was a living person, 65% agreed that they had made a mistake. 15% of women had also experienced depression related to abortion.

“Before the beginning of pregnancy that ends in abortion, only a small number of women seek professional help from psychologists or psychiatrists – say the authors of the study. – After abortion the vast majority of them in some degree get the psychological help that is associated with strong emotional reactions. Overall, the survey showed that the majority of women abortion has not brought any moral and psychological relief, and many regret the committed act”.

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