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Most useful “autumn” foods for the sweet tooth

Самые полезные «осенние» продукты для сладкоежекAutumn is the perfect sweet.

In order not to fall into melancholy, it is not necessary to deny themselves the sweet. Sugar in large quantities is bad, but he is a completely healthy substitute, which are equally delicious.

Sugar is becoming less popular. He replaced with substitutes that do not degrade the health and even increase our extra pounds.


Honey calories, and sugar. But in addition to empty carbohydrates, it contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, on the which strengthens the immune system and is an excellent prevention of many diseases, including cancer. In addition, it improves the condition of skin, nails and hair.


A healthy alternative to sugar, stevia, hardly differs from it in taste. But contains 0 calories, which significantly affects the caloric content of food cooked with it.

Stevia is prescribed even for diabetics. Despite its sweet taste, it is completely harmless.

Maple syrup

This natural syrup made from the SAP of the maple tree. It is sweeter than sugar, and though it is present in a content, for the same sweet effect of maple syrup to be 30 times less than sugar.

Because it is less calories and much more useful. In addition, it contains vitamins and other useful microelements.

Agave nectar

More nectar is similar to honey, but it tastes sweeter, because it need less than honey. In dishes with agave nectar much less calories.

And all the sweetness in it of fructose, which by definition alaysia much more useful than the sucrose in sugar.

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