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Most stylish hairstyles on the 1st of September. Photo

Самые стильные прически на 1-е сентября. ФотоIt’s time to choose a hairstyle.

Experts have called the most trendy options of hairstyles that you can easily create every morning.

Today, braids are back in fashion, this means that you can dream up. If you stop in two classic braids, which will look great as the hair is below the shoulders and medium length, it is better to do a bit careless and woven ribbons of pastel shades. A more complex but elegant option: to keep your hair loose and curl them a little at the tip and around the head braid plait sophisticated — so the young student will be similar to the nymph. Spit in the form of the good old “spike” also relevant, however, it is also better to do a little bit sloppy and to give her hair a slight volume at the roots.

Самые стильные прически на 1-е сентября. Фото

Beam — another trend of the season. Moreover, it can be both sloppy and neat — either way, this hairstyle will draw attention. One part of hair collect on the top, and leave the other loose, this variant of the beam will underline the spontaneity and courage, osobennosti to decorate the hair with ribbons or colored studs. Also relevant two buns, like Princess Leia, however, better to make them less bulky.

Самые стильные прически на 1-е сентября. Фото

Beautiful waves can be done on short hair, just put them to one side and lock tongs: get dressed in the Hollywood style of 20-ies. Long hair can be laid in large waves and to stab on one side or curled just the ends so to have naturally curly hair.

Самые стильные прически на 1-е сентября. Фото

A sleek ponytail, neatly collected at the back, you can emphasize bright ribbon or even sprinkle shiny varnish: who said that September 1 is not a holiday? Always current, and two low ponytail, decorated with colored or shiny gums.

Самые стильные прически на 1-е сентября. Фото

Assembled invisible hair on the back of the head with a carelessly released strands (which can be slightly curled) will create a stylish, neat and unobtrusive way. To hairstyle can add a delicate wreath or ribbon.

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