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Most polluted river in the world. Photo

Самые загрязненные в мире реки. ФотоThe pollution problem is very acute all over the world.

People ceased to care about fresh water, clean air and healthy food. The only thing that matters these days — money. Just look how destroyed the main rivers of the world industrial enterprises, who decided to save on the disposal of chemical waste.

Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото


Before you officially the dirtiest river in the world. The locals (on the banks of Centrum is home to approximately 5 million people) throw all domestic waste into the water. Polluted water body carries 50 thousand lives annually, and only swim in the river about six million tons of garbage.

Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото


Industrial effluents has turned the river water Han in a real quagmire. The entire length of the river covered with thick layer of algae.

Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото


A huge metropolis of new Delhi uses the Yamuna river as the main source of drinking water. Here are the pipes of the city sewer: apparently, Indians don’t get along with the logic processes.

Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото


The great Mississippi has always been the main river in the USA. And yet people are not carried away by the chemicals, water was considered the purest in the country. Today to go into the river dangerous to life: in 2015, several large chemical companies in America merged here 13 million tons of toxic waste.

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Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото


In 2013, Chinese farmers from the vicinity of Shanghai Huangpu dropped in 16 of thousands of pig corpses, which led to an unprecedented scandal. The river remains the main source of drinking water for Shanghai, but the factories of China still merge it with toxic chemicals.

Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото


A large part of the Nigerian oil produced in the Niger Delta. Every year with the full approval of the government of the country in river dumped more than 250 thousand barrels of oil, which has repeatedly led to real environmental disasters.

Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото


Filipinos whose homes are on the coast of Manila may not need to worry about the bridges and fords instead of water in the river flows with a real garbage. Just think, here throw 1500 of household waste every day.

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Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото


The water of the Holy Ganga river is so dirty that swimming here is even afraid of cows. Religious rites, chemical drains, funeral, Ganges for all good. This, however, Indians did not care: in contrast to cows to people without the fear of making a in the river bathing and taking from not drinking water.

Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото


None of the locals already do not take seriously the official name of the river. Once the city, the factory began to merge here all the toxic wastes from dyes and now for the Chinese it’s a Bloody river.

Самые загрязненные в мире реки. Фото

The Matanza-Riachuelo

According to the world health organization, residents of the Argentine city on the banks of the river Matanza-Riachuelo get cancer twice as often than other people. Maybe it’s all in the luck, and maybe that in the same river drained their chemical waste from four large factories.

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