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Moskal appreciated the “prospects” of separatism in Transcarpathia

Москаль оценил «перспективы» сепаратизма на ЗакарпатьеCause for concern is not in sight.

The question of the alleged existence in Transcarpathia the threat of separatism is artificially inflated by the Kremlin as part of the information war, despite its baselessness.

In an interview with said the Head of the Transcarpathian regional goradministratsii Gennady Moskal.

According to him, there is no need for concern at all.

“It has deployed the Russian Federation this activity and through some bogus sites prints all kinds of nonsense. Because he understands that may not otherwise undermine the situation, because has no power and has the resistance power. So they are trying to undermine the information vbrasyvaya different fakes,” – said the official.

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Moskal explained that Russian propaganda has chosen its target Transcarpathia due to the fact that in the region there is no such homogeneity of the population, as in the Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk regions, where Ukrainians make up about 98.9%.

“Here is supposedly, they think so, their support, Rusynism. Been here a couple of idiots. One is already sitting in Russia, paints any of these “scenarios”. Some here have tried, and they fell silent Shake, because a multi-ethnic population. Well, and, second, that a small part of the population does not recognize themselves to be Ukrainians, Rusyns recognize myself,” said he.

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“Again specifically declare: there is no separatism. It can not be!” – said Moskal.

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