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Moscow students beat peers

Московские школьники зверски избили сверстникаThe teenagers brought the boy to the intensive care unit.

In the Moscow district Chertanovo Mall, Teens are from school No. 657 beat up 8 graders for the fact that he had insulted them in the social network, and then posted videos to YouTube.

The result of the beating the boy suffered severe injuries: he lost his sight in one eye, suffered a broken spine and spent several days in intensive care.

In the video, posted online, is seen as one of the aggressors swings of a teenager, trying to scare him, and then stabs right in the head. Valentin was the name of the victim, begins to scream “help” but to no avail, the other participants of the fight continued to beat him when the boy is lying on the ground.

Russian media noted that the attackers, the students were drunk.

“The investigating authorities examine the data and establish all the circumstances of the incident and all parties involved in the beating. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case”, – is told in the message Sledkoma of the Russian Federation.

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