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Moscow authorities have purchased from dubious companies “aesthetic” guardrail over 15 million.

Власти Москвы закупили у сомнительных компаний "эстетические" ограждения за 15 млн.руб.

On the streets of Moscow has installed a new fence for the drifts, the supply of which involved close of the prefect CAO. The company allegedly won the tender, are signs of a fake, writes “Medusa”.


Posts with retractable belts in airports and solemn events appeared in places where snow drifts and possible falling icicles. According to the website of public procurement, GBU zhilischnik all areas of Central district of Moscow in December bought 5336 stands for the total amount 14,88 million rubles.



In Moscow bought a new rack, for fencing off dangerous places. These Superformance columns (like in airports) will be used instead of the terrible plastic tapes. As found “Medusa” without drank not done:


Photo: Ivan Golunov / “Medusa”

— Lentic (@oldLentach) 16 Jan 2019.



Before dangerous places for pedestrians was protected by red-white plastic ribbon, the average cost of which is 230 rubles for 200 meters, said the portal. In 2017 each of the ten districts TSAO bought about 10 kilometres of such tapes.


According to approximate estimates of “Medusa”, the total cost could be up to 11.5 million rubles. To protect a comparable area with new bars, you will need to buy stands for another 45 million rubles, while their lifespan is unknown.


The tenders have been won by the three companies involved in the supply for the GBU “zhilischnik” in the Central district. All of them are registered at the addresses which are recognized by the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation are unreliable, as specified during registration of the mobile phone companies do not work.


Tenders for stands supervised by the head of Department of procurement of gku “Directorate of housing and communal services and improvement CAO” Eugene Moutere. The civil service, he was co-owner of the company “Strojservis-To”, part of the holding “Kapitel”.


According to “Novaya Gazeta”, companies this holding receive contracts predominantly from agencies which was headed by prefect TSAO Alexander Goverdovsky. In recent years, the structure of “Capitals” won the tenders to more than 1 billion rubles, including the improvement of the program “My street” on Bolshaya Nikitskaya, Bolshaya Bronnaya and Spiridonovka.


In the centre of the scandal last year was another company with a similar name. As found by the headquarters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, for many years the company “Stroyservis”, associated with businessmen Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, was the only bidder for the contract conclusion on reconstruction of tram tracks in Moscow and won without any competitive struggle 11 auctions over $ 4 billion. According to the authors of the investigation, the Moscow budget has lost at least 713 million rubles due to the fact that the entire multi-billion dollar market of repair of tram ways controlled by the Rotenberg family.


In may 2015 in the Moscow office of OOO “Stroyservis” was searched within the criminal case about the theft of 70 million rubles from the budget of the Russian Federation, however, about what the outcome of the case, was not reported. It is known that in March 2014 between mku “Management of capital construction of the city of Orel” and “Strojservis” has been concluded the municipal contract worth 234 million rubles for the construction of the road. After receiving the advance payment of 70 million rubles, the company’s employees have not fulfilled the obligations of the contract.


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