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Morning exercise: a source of energy for the entire day

Утренняя зарядка: источник бодрости на весь деньMorning exercise is very useful, it provides the body with energy, elevates mood, helps the body to finally Wake up.

The experts identified five reasons why morning exercises is beneficial for health.

If you want to stay healthy and slim, start your day with a charge. Its benefits are as follows:

Perk up
Usually the concept of “morning exercise“ is a set of exercises for the muscles of the neck, arms, back, abdomen and legs. A daily program will help not only to energize, but also to improve blood circulation, normalize the metabolism in the body and stimulate the production of the hormone of joy – endorphin.

But remember that charging to have fun, so don’t drag in the morning lift heavy weights or to arrange for long-distance.

The body heals
Performing simple exercises in the morning, you strengthen your cardiovascular system, enhance immunity, improve coordination and functioning of the vestibular apparatus. Moreover, daily exercises are a great tool to prevent scoliosis, spinal hernia, and degenerative disc disease.

Increases efficiency
People are not hurrying to get out of bed after your alarm 2-3 hours after waking is experiencing drowsiness that interferes with focus on the challenges facing it. A supporter of charging does not have problems with the awakening, easily falls into the rhythm of work and different health. Even a 10-minute morning exercise improves concentration and accelerating thought processes.

Eliminates insomnia
If you regularly perform morning exercises, you will form a clear agenda. And adherence ensures fast falling asleep and good, restful sleep.

Ordinary morning exercise will help you to get rid of cellulite. Daily exercise will keep your muscles toned and improves blood circulation to the orange peel affected areas. Do not be lazy to gain a program cellulite charge and do it every morning. Exercise selection is very large, so the boredom and monotony you sure you don’t get any.

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