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More than 50 thousand Russians need to ban to put seals on the sausage

Более 50 тыс. россиян требуют запретить пускать тюленей на колбасу

The Russians massively sign a petition to ban the hunting of seals and the production of their meat sausages and other food products.

As reported in the Magadan individual entrepreneur, with the support of the authorities started the production of sausage, canned meat and other products of the far Eastern seals. Has killed 137 seals and the businessman has no plans to stop there.

The authors and signatories of the petition believe such activity is immoral. They remind us that across the world, one after another refuse to hunt seals.

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“The seal hunt is something wild, primitive and caveman. It remains small Nations as a relic of their traditions. Commercial seal fishery has no place in the twenty-first century. Humanity in its relatively short history because of the seals and marine mammals too much trouble. People have enough other food. We live, thank God, in time of peace and need no killing of marine mammals for their own food. Seals is not a sausage! They need our protection!” the authors say.

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They believe that the prey of seals should only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.

“People need to understand that you destroy everything around you!!! The consumer outrage must be stopped!” — added one of the signatories.

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