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More than 124 thousand people called for a ban of anonymity, the police at the rallies

Более 124 тыс. человек выступили за запрет анонимности полицейских на митингах

More than 124 thousand people have signed posted on the website a petition to ban anonymity security forces operating in the rallies. The petition was created three weeks ago.

The authors write that at the meetings the police work almost anonymously. “The crowd police it is difficult to introduce myself. Badges do not work well: what is written on them, do not always make out. In addition, a large iron buckle easy to injure yourself if you suddenly heat up of passion. Therefore, the police often hide them under a vest. But at the meetings there is more total conflicts. It was there that police often use violence — and thus more likely to violate the law. Probably all seen pictures and videos of the protests where brutally detained students and pensioners. Often victims are unable later to identify police officers who illegally beat. With regarderai still difficult. On their uniform insignia may not be at all. To complain of the violence is costly. Indicating his name and not knowing anything about the person that they were illegally beaten, the victims themselves at risk of becoming a victim of persecution,” the statement said.

The authors of the petition addressed to the interior Ministry and Regardie, offer to put a personal number of each police officer in his uniform and helmet. “The lettering must be large enough for video or photo it always possible to distinguish. This violates the rights of police officers and allows to keep the law: to quickly find out which police exceed their authority,” the petition reads. This practice the authors propose to extend to employees of Regardie.

The authors refer to the fact that such a practice exists in many countries, e.g. UK, Germany, Spain and Australia.

We will remind that recently in Moscow held a series of protests related to rejection of independent candidates on elections of deputies of the city Duma. The action was accompanied by violent arrests of participants. In this regard, social networks launched a campaign deanonimizatsii security forces.

One of the latest egregious examples of the use of force by security forces was the detention Daria Sosnowski. The girl was detained after Saturday’s rally on Sakharov Avenue. The Internet has spread a video which shows how the two fighters are female. At some point, one of asguardian precisely hits the girl in the stomach, from which it bends. Sosnovskiy intends to seek punishment for the security forces struck her. Earlier, the head of the human rights organization “Agora” Pavel Chikov announced the reward to anyone who can provide the identity of the fighter.

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