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More gorgeous concept art “Alien: Covenant”

You might not like “Alien: Testament” in terms of history, but agree that visually this movie is flawless.

We have analyzed this movie in bits and pieces, talked about his dynamics, the atmosphere and some Director’s message in the end, but now it’s only about what meets the eye. What is different in this sense, the films made by Ridley Scott, from other parts of the franchise? The cold colors, a combination of man-made metal and wet alien flesh, the original style of Hans Giger, reflected not only in the appearance of the xenomorph species, but also in the design of the ship Engineers, literatow eggs and other cool stuff. As for pictures, it was the closest James Cameron and “Aliens”, and then all Jean-Pierre Jeunet and his “Alien: Resurrection”, but with all the pros and cons of these sequels, none of them noticed the peculiar style of the original in full.

And then Ridley came back and brought this style to the maximum.

Recently, we already posted some cool concept art “Testament”, including calopogonium neomorphus from Carlos Huante. However, in the end, the Network threw more concepts, and we could not pass up this close.

This collection includes more than four dozen works by six very talented artists from different countries. So, let’s go.

Wayne Haag (Wayne Haag)

Valentin Petrov

Gabriel Beauvais (Beauvais Gabriel)

Steve Berg (Steve Burg)

Emmanuel Shiu (Emmanuel Shiu)

Shepard EV (Ev Shipard)

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