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More does not mean better

Больше не значит лучше

There’s an old joke about the fact that no one has done so much for the greatness of Russia, as the Mercator. We are fascinated by the huge size of the country. Meanwhile, up to 65% of its area is permafrost. Almost two-thirds.

The amount of arable land Russia are approximately equal to Kazakhstan. They are almost two times less than in the US. But even of those arable lands that are used less than 70%. The rest is abandoned

The huge Russian exports of food annually to $20 billion in Tiny Holland – at $90 billion

The GDP of a small American state of new York (in 2018 about $1.6 trillion) is already greater than the GDP of great Russia. About California, with its $2.7 trillion even say no.

Russia’s share in world exports – about 2%. To import and less. Putin once joked that without us Europe would be to heat with wood, and Rogozin proposed to the Americans to deliver their cargo on the trampoline. But, if necessary, Europe will be able to replace Russia or Qatar of the American gas. And the Americans will soon easily do without Roscosmos. The market for commercial space exceeds 300 billion dollars a year. Russia’s share in it is less than 1%

The country’s economy stagnated for ten years and the standard of living, Russia is at 61 sites in the world (Legatum Institute). Russia has overtaken Mongolia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Jamaica

So it is not necessary about the size, Majesty, and rising from his knees.
Let us not ourselves deceive

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