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More carnage in the future “Venome” on DVD?

In the Network appeared in the list of supplementary materials that will accompany the home release kinokomiksa “venom”. However, information is unofficial, so to trust her or not — decide for yourself. Anyway, is there something interesting.

It is alleged that among things good in the extra viewers will be able to find an extended scene in the prison of San Quentin. We will remind, the film is the first scene after the credits, in which we show how Eddie Brock, the hero of Tom hardy, interviews with particularly dangerous prisoner by the name of Cletus Cassidy. Maniac plays a great woody Harrelson in a completely idiotic wig. Judging from the short conversation, we witness, these two have met and particularly warm feelings towards each other do not feel. The scene would be rather pointless if we did not know that Cassidy is in the comics is destined to become the bearer of the carnage, ruthless symbiotic apocalapse from the venom.

If the information on advanced stage confirmed, I wonder what we will show there? Turning Cassidy into a carnage, of course, should not wait. But maybe the conversation with Brock will be more informative? Will reveal the details of their experience? In the comics these guys were sharing a cell, but in the movie, everything seems to be different.

In any case, to wait for the release on the media, perhaps, is, because the film was cut out all my favorite scenes of Tom hardy. Some of them we probably still show.

VENOM: Kinomax who are late for 10 years (REVIEW)

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