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More blood and guts in the new trailer for “the cult of Chucky”!

Yesterday we showed you the first trailer of the new film about a cute little doll with lush red hair and the soul of a maniac. Now our feet hit the Red Band version of this video, which means more meat, more obscene gestures and other Goodies. In the end, because it will be the bloodiest film in the series!

And they still call me sick!

Heads roll, drill buzzing, Chucky (or anyone?) climbs from the human gut, like fucking Freddy Krueger in the second “Nightmare on elm street”!

This is probably not a random homage, because Director don Mancini comes into the territory of dreams, visions, altered reality. Recall his words on this subject:

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Chucky is such a versatile character that you can use it in a variety of subgenres. It’s mind-boggling, “Chuckie” is mixed with “the Beginning”, because you are dealing with a bunch of characters whose perception of reality is changing under the influence of madness, drugs, on which they sit, and hypnosis.

Nonsense, blood and signature black humor. What could be better?

More shots from the “Cult of Chucky” can be found in our Mediazone.

Well, strictly speaking, a synopsis of the future picture:

After the asylum for the criminally insane for the last four years, nick Pearce thinks it’s her, and not Chucky, killed her entire family. But once the psychiatrist enters a new therapeutic tool for group sessions with patients – too familiar for Nicki doll of the series “nice guy”. And soon the hospital starts killing. Maybe she’s not crazy?.. To help Nike in a hurry Andy Barclay, grown-up boy from the first film about Chucky. But on his way stands Tiffany, in love with Chucky the killer is.

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So, watch the hard version of the trailer and look forward to October 3, 2017, when the “Cult of Chucky” will open to their adherents on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

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