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More and more foreigners are seeking to obtain Ukrainian citizenship

Все больше иностранцев стремятся получить украинское гражданствоThe prospect of receiving bezveza made Ukraine an attractive destination for foreigners.

The prospect of getting Ukraine visa-free regime with Europe has made our country more attractive for foreigners, especially from third world countries. They are seeking to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, hoping that it will serve as a springboard for further emigration to the EU countries. And to achieve your goals, think of the incredible history of persecution in the homeland, which do not pass even an elementary test of logic. Meanwhile, to obtain Ukrainian citizenship is becoming increasingly problematic. Therefore, in the Network advertise their services to hundreds of intermediaries who for money, but without any warranty offered to help you become Ukrainians in the short term.

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According to the state migratory service, last year Ukrainian citizenship by presidential decree, received 809 people (petitioned 1319). In 2015, these lucky ones had 978 of 1214.

However, the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship isn’t a simple procedure. For example, one of the important conditions — permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine for five years and knowledge of the state language sufficient to communicate or at least understand (need to show the appropriate certificate or diploma).

In addition to ordinary citizens for years batswoman rapids officials citizenship are unable to even foreigners who are fighting for Ukraine in the ATO area and to which the President has promised a simplified procedure. “We in the Legion now there are two people who would like to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. They applied for a passport. The decree Poroshenko about the integration of the Legion in the APU was the point at which our fighters can obtain citizenship under a simplified procedure. But even in this case, it is so difficult to do that the whole procedure can take at least three years, and not the fact that they do, — has told “news” the commander of “Georgian Legion” Mamuka Mamulashvili. Since you guys are married to Ukrainian women, by law they are entitled to the issuance of a temporary residence permit, after two years, they can change their password, and after a year apply for citizenship at least three years.”
Citizenship — from 8 thousand UAH

Online you can find many intermediaries who promise to help in obtaining citizenship in the shortest possible time. “The service will cost 8 thousand UAH, may take three months. It all depends on your specific situation”, — told us in the law firm of Victor Legal Group, which we called under the guise of a citizen of Lithuania, who wants to be a Ukrainian.

Another company that provides services for citizenship, we were told that foreigners coming to get our passport. For example, the Russians report that they are persecuted at home. “They show their pages in social networks, where they write something in support of Ukraine. As a result, there is raised a scandal, this man threatened, insulted him, told us the law firm Andriy Veselovsky. — I had a couple that in one Russian city even came out to picket in support of our country, and they then closed the station. Based on this, they asked our citizenship. Don’t know how it ended, I had not come”.

Also, according to the lawyer, foreigners sometimes take custody of disabled Ukrainians (disabled or mentally ill person). “This will help them to become a citizen of Ukraine. Or looking for the Ukrainian roots,” said Veselovsky.
To Europe through Ukraine

However, where most Ukrainians want to be not Europeans. And to be awarded the coveted “crust”, they come up with sometimes incredible tearjerker — one worse than the other. This is evidenced by the Register of judgments.

For example, a resident of Cameroon said that he worked as a cook in General, but after one of her cooking lunch, the General’s daughter was poisoned and died. Fearing revenge, kamerunga decided to move to Ukraine. But to prove the death of a child or the fact that she is threatened in her country could not. Two Iraqis told them during the interview, what documents they have, because they took people with guns. “We rode the train from Lugansk to Kiev, the car came heavily armed men, took away our passports. And instead demanded $500, which we never had,” explained one of the aliens. But his version was checked and it turned out that two years ago, trains from Luhansk to the capital has not gone.

A citizen of Somalia claimed in court that in his native country, she faces forced marriage for a member of the Islamist organization “al-Shabab”. So back home she does not. Earlier in the interview with the migration officer, the woman was assured that her goal is Europe, and Ukraine is just a way to get there. Afghans complained that they were personally threatened with death the leader of the Taliban. But, according to media and official sources, he died in 2015.

The speaker of the state migratory service Sergei Gunko told “Vesti” that bezviz that soon to Ukraine, foreigners mistakenly perceive as an opportunity to legalize in the EU. And fantastic stories do not affect decisions on citizenship. “Really, they come up with different stories. But our laws clearly state who can get it and what it needs. The citizens of Ukraine, bizviz with the EU does not give the right to permanent residence, and only visit Europe for some time. And, remaining there illegally, aliens are simply deported. Therefore, selected such foreigners the way to Europe is complex and no prospects,” says Gunko.

We go to the poles and the Russians

According to state frontier service, last year in Ukraine, immigrated (obtained a residence permit) 3145 foreigners. For the first time in many years, the poles beat the Russians — 558 and 582, respectively, whereas before the conflict in the Donbass, in 2013, there were only 38 poles, and Russians — 3280. Come to us for permanent residence and citizens of Western countries: Latvia (105), Estonia (43), Israel (65), Italy (10) Netherlands (10), UK (2), Cyprus (5) Czech Republic (4), USA (7) and Sweden (1).

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