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Morally crushed by Angelina Jolie weighs less than 40 pounds


41-year-old actress Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) on the background of stress due to the difficult process of divorce with brad pitt (Brad Pitt) and fight for custody of six children, has started not just a lot of smoke, but rapidly losing weight.


Close to Jolie said that she is unable to cope with the situation and lost a lot of weight: “From her were some bones, her arms like toothpicks”.



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After the FBI and social services Los Angeles dropped all charges against pitt, not finding evidence of his aggressive attitude toward children, Angelina is under stress. Sources: “Fighting for custody against pitt was one of the most difficult tasks faced by Angelina for the last time.” Angelina emotionally suppressed and weighs about 40 pounds!

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Recall that the cold war is over children between the two stars enters into an active phase. Angelina, who recently destroyed the reputation of pitt, accusing him of violence, drunkenness and drug addiction no longer make such bright statements. More recently, it was announced that brad pitt, who originally agreed to transfer the custody of Jolie, suddenly decided to fight for children.

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Confirmation of innocence will give brad pitt’s privileges in the custody of the children. Now pitt has completely immersed himself in work to get rid of depression due to divorce. Together with actress Marion Cotillard brad is involved in a campaign to promote the new film “Allies.”

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