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Moral-spiritual gangrene

Морально-духовная гангрена

Two the official, not-so-high-flying and not a great mind, blurted out stupidity. One, Saratov, argued that the subsistence minimum in 3,5 thousand roubles for the Russian pensioner is sufficient, if he doesn’t want to die from obesity. Another, in Yekaterinburg, reminded of annoying young people that the state owes nothing to anybody and did not ask for parents asking for help to bear them.

The society is stirred up and immediately started talking about the threat of moral disaster. The emphasis was placed habitually. There is a God-bearing people, morality and spirituality which, no doubt, but up there, there were disturbing signs of moral and spiritual decay. And while this gangrene not managed to penetrate from the top down, it is necessary to brand…

Not going to talk about the years in which lived.

The popah discharged from the bell; on the temples plundered and demolished the Orthodox, God’s chosen people; of Pavlik Morozov; about the requirements of labor collectives of “Death to the Japanese spies” and later, when the “engineers of human souls” was expelled from its ranks the then “dissent” etc., etc.

But the meetings across the country in support of Angela Davis in my memory. No one knew what the “Black Panthers”, it was deep down do not care deeply for the fate of this “human rights activist”, but what a fiery speech, rushed from the stands as applauded, some strong grief was let loose on the face!

And “international duty” in Afghanistan? But Czechoslovakia? Is that in addition to tacit popular support was made?

And the rapid release of city sidewalks from legless disabled veterans, so as not to disgrace our confident progress towards communism?

And that is still not buried the last victim of soldiers, not enough money, and parades are lacking is because we are moral?

No, dear fellow-Russians. This moral-spiritual gangrene appeared unexpectedly. She lived decades in society under the guise of “We’re all as one, all the great Soviet people under the wise leadership…”. Then gangrene took a NAP. In a very short period of restructuring, but half of the 90s, when we tried to take an honest look at its history. But looked up, saw myself and got scared. Everyone in my life (with rare exceptions) has been complicit (albeit a silent, but complicit) of what is happening in the country. Even those who tried to stay out of the way. We were getting used generations and have adapted to live in a climate of lies and hypocrisy. And once in a “zero” followed by an invitation again to proclaim themselves the most moral, the most spiritual in the world — the absolute most willingly responded.

And, of course, we are here, they are alive and familiar to morality! And kind, sympathetic! Where there raises his head fascism? In Georgia, the Ukraine — we’re there. The birthplace of Orthodoxy Syria in danger? Help.

Again in the course: “We are all as one, the whole great Russian people under the leadership of…”.

But then again “you can’t live!” and a new round.

Happy New year us, new terms, dear Russians!

But in fact, we would have to undergo treatment as follows. The gangrene itself is not.

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