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Monuments to slave owners

Памятники рабовладельцам

It would be good to open in Russia a monument to all the American slave-owners, whose statues were thrown from their pedestals “crazed blacks”.

Better in the South, in the provincial cities of the Central Chernozem region. There the climate is closer to the Confederate, and the people more tanned.

Beautiful would be the picture: Voronezh ploughed the steppe, the County town, the summer heat, the Central square, the local administration in the white suits opens a monument to some very large a slave trader from New Orleans.

The administration is, as usual, under the white umbrellas against the scorching sun. Umbrella hold special boys and girls. Silent, dark, and dejected people standing in the sun.

The editor of the local newspaper — in a white suit — broadcasts people:

— Sir Ronald Johnson has done a lot for the people I worked with! But their descendants did not appreciate this and broke his monument. We won’t let that happen!

Silent, dark, and depressed people doomed obediently fall silent.

Maxim Goryunov, philosopher


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